Denon 2900 - Problem with DTS on Kill Bill Vol.1

Just wondering if anyone is experiencing this problem with their Denon 2900 DVD player. When playing the DTS track on Kill Bill Vol. 1, at about the 1:00 mark the sound all of a sudden is muted. If I pause and play it again it is fine. I have upgraded to the latest firmware as well. Does anyone else have this problem?

Have you tried another disc?
I wouldnt rule that out as a problem
I have a friend that tried the same disc on his Denon 5900 player and it does the same thing
Its not the Disc or the Player, its Bill screwing with your head.
Layer change. I had the same problem on my 2900. Only does it on certain discs. Weird.
Funny how it only does it on the DTS track. It does the same thing on the DTS track on Master and Commander DVD as well