New Creek Destiny 2 versus Anthem 225 integrated

Has any one auditioned the new Creek Destiny 2 which has suddenly replaced the first Destiny?? If so, I am curious if any one compared the Creek Destiny 2 to the Anthem 225 integrated. The Creek is about $600 more than the Anthem 225 which has lots of power, remote, and even a phono stage Anthem more than occasionally pops-up in forum discussions, but there are few reviews on their products especially the model 225. Thanks, Jim
haven't auditioned the destiny '2', and i'm a longtime fan of creek, but the anthem 225 is one of the best values in audio...(imo)you will have to spend several times the money to get a comparible ss integrated. a future classic.
The Anthem is a no-brainer really. I agree that it is a future classic. Everytime I listen to it I am just so damned impressed, this box probably outperforms most of anything south of $ 3,000.00 in my opinion. This is illogical isn't it ? This is a keeper for me, after owning so many (more expensive) integrateds. And it's feature set is pretty unique too. In full disclosure, I am using this amp with speakers that would usually be associated with much higher priced gear, but still, the 225 belongs nicely in higher company no problem, and I do not feel short-changed at all. Give it a go, at the price, what have you got to lose?
That is quite a glowing endorsement of the Anthem integrated. What other amps have you compared it to, and why is it better?
When I purchased my Anthem 225 last year, the MSRP was 1500. As far as I can tell, the MSRP of the Destiny 2 is $2600-$2700. That is not a small amount of difference.

I got interested in the Destiny because there was chatter about how it fits well with Harbeth speakers. I'm considering moving my Anthem 225/Paradigm Studio 60 v5 combo to a home-theater setting and investing in Harbeth/Creek Destiny combo for dedicated music room eventually.

If anyone has heard this amp, and especially with Harbeth C7's, I appreciate some input as well.

As far as the Anthem 225 goes, I'm very very happy with mine. I pair it with a simple DAC and it servers well as the heart of my simple 2 channel music/movie system. It's very balanced, neutral, with surprising amount of detail and clarity.
Thanks for responding to my thread. That is a nice set-up your have; beautiful color for the walls also. I know the Anthem is a beast, but I take it that you are not concerned about floor vibration where it sits in your display. Also, would you characterize the Anthem as more musical than analytic??........ You are right, the Destiny 2 is expensive compared to Anthem which offers an onboard phono. All Creek boards are $500 extra. I have a Rega table with a Dynavector MC. Thanks again, Jim
Haven't looked into footers or dedicated amp stands, although that would probably make a difference.

The Anthem is probably more on the musical side than analytical, it's not a harsh or fatiguing amp like some other solid state amps are. It has a very smooth mid-range and firm bass response. It actually shines more for watching movies and tv than music because it makes voices sounds real and full-bodied. I don't have enough other amps for comparison, but so far I'm particularly happy with how it serves for television and movies that I'll probably move it to a home theater set up eventually and look for a separate 2 channel speaker/amp when I have the room and funds.

Also, I think you are serious about getting the most of your rega table, you'll probably get a dedicated phono stage to the line stage in either integrated, so I wouldn't worry too much about the phono stage in either integrated.

Thanks Silentmobius for adding more info abut the 225's sonic characteristics, but then again it is a perfect match to Paradigm spkrs. This is the amp I'm most interested in for a 2ch HT, factoring in budget and performance. I will begin to start saving up.
I was using the Destiny 2 in 2010 with a pair of Quad 22L2s and together they packed a really nice punch. For a solid state amplifier in that price range I was really pleased with it and would recommend it for sure.
It was my intention to keep the Destiny to pair with some Harbeth SHL5's(which i had tried together and liked)but I ended up with an ARC VSi60 instead and now use that with the SHL5's.