New CD player sound qualities

Can someone recommend some brands of CD players that give a "vivid" sound -- I normally listen to units that are "neutral" both tonally and in presentation (meaning not too forward and not too laid-back). I'd like to keep those qualities, especially the neutral presentation, but I'd like to hear something with a vibrancy, and maybe even a raw or gusty feel. High detail would be good too. Thanks in advance!
I suppose you might consider something by Rega, if the overall presentation is not too forward for you. Less expensive than NAIM, but still very rhythmically involving and crisp sounding. Note however, that "vividness" or "vibrancy", if not confined to describing rhythm and is instead used in the overall sense, are words more commonly associated with the technical characteristics of amps (or preamps and/or perhaps wiring) than digital playback per se. Although, IME so far, also power conditioning can increase things like resolution and revealing-ness, as well. But, no matter what route you go and if vivid is indeed what you're after, then there is one tweak I can definitely recommend you try, even though it is seriously inexpensive. Something called a "Ground Enhancer" made by Ric Schultz at Electronic Visionary Systems (EVS) in Calif. $30/pair, or $50/2 pair. Just one pair of these little gizmos worked wonders in my own system, improving the bass somewhat, but mostly giving the midrange a remarkable new vividness, and just so, no drawbacks. I do recommend you scope out his site and give Ric a call. Hope this helps. Regards, John
the Ayon CD players are vivid. Most people love the Ayon players... those that do not, tend to think that they are too vivid sounding. So... if you like vivid, this is a good brand.
to help clarify, by "vivid" i mean like a colorful painting; evocative, vibrant. but whose presentation is not "forwards" nor "aggressive"
I found the Ayon 2 to be forward and a little on the bright side in my system.