New Bowie album

Any opinions on the new Bowie album? I am reading some very positive reviews, but have not heard it yet.
Get MOG and listen to it in its entirety. You'll never look back and curse the day you signed up.
It is available to listen to on iTunes. I bought it (at HD Tracks) and love it.
I really wanted to like it, but my god, it is perhaps the most over-produced junk I now have in my CD collection. BTW, I am a huge Bowie fan. As I listened to it for the first time, I quickly realized that the album is a classic example of fine musicians (Slick, Leonard, Dorsey, and Campbell) who have all lost their rudder at the hands of HORRIBLE production. The songs are chock full of needless, annoying bells and whistles that serve to grate, misdirect, and take one's attention away from Bowie's still remarkable voice. There will no doubt be those who rave about how great it is, but let's get real on this's a mess.
there's a great scene in the classic "trainspotting" where renton and sickboy debate the merits of bowie's and lou reed's later work, which, they conclude, sounds pretty good, but as measured by their classic early stuff is ultimately shite. so it is with bowie's latest--much better than the average dross, but not in the same universe as ziggy or hunky dory.