Nervous and excited

Hey all,

So, I just unexpectedly maybe upgraded my system, selling my beloved Sophia Baby Electric integrated and buying a Rega Mira 3, then putting up for sale my beloved Triangle Titus and buying a pair of JM Lab Focal 807v's. I also went from Mapleshade Helix speaker cable to Clear Day.

Now I'm nervous. Will the 807's be all that I think they will? The Clear Day are already a huge difference in presence and projection. I'll keep you posted. Feel free to chime in with any experiences you have with any of these components.
What was the improvements the Rega gave you over the Baby? I'm curious because I am looking at getting a small tube amp for a bedroom system and the Baby is on my list.
Also, I don't want to offend but I briefly owned the Mira 3 and couldn't sell it fast enough. Way too bright for my taste so your opinion is of interest.
The Baby, while warm and open and cohesive, simply didn't have enough power for my speakers. I wanted more projection that 10 w/ch couldn't give on 90db monitors.

No offense taken (I mean, we're talking audio components here, not cultural backgrounds). I haven't plugged the Mira into the system yet. I briefly had the Brio 3 - and before that an ARC VS-110 - and liked how the Brio matched with the Rotel. SO I went back to Rega.
Selling what you really enjoy for some unknown? wow. Be prepared to be unhappy. I will never seell what i like to fund some unknown ever again.
Done that once, and once was way too often.
Maybe the op will be lucky.
Interesting. Outside of my very first audio components which I bought after listening to them at my awesome, local hi-end store, just about everything I've owned has been bought without hearing it.

That's the adventure of hi-end audio - what soundscape will be painted next?
Simao: "Nervous and excited"

Elizabeth: "Be prepared to be unhappy."

Wow! Aren’t we quite the little harbinger of doom today.

C’mon Elizabeth; excitedly soliciting opinions after a purchase is like a woman asking how she looks moments before going on stage.

Don’t listen to her Simao... yet :-)
Elizabeth, I just bought a Pangea AC-9SE for my new AVA Synergy 450 because you said it was 'da bomb on some things.
Well it is considerably better that the Acoustic Zen TsunamiI was using, which was not bad, so I guess I found one of those things.
I have a Sophia Baby which is one of the last things I would ever sell, even thought I don't have any efficient speakers at the moment, At $500ish, I know of no greater value in audio.
I put my total system together from scratch, bought from here.
Never heard any of my components, before.
It took about six months to put together.
I did much previous research, but just dove in. Tho, cables were purchased in brands/models that I can sell and re-coupe. I needed something to tie it all together and hear the music! That will be my next/last component to finalize.
The cabling choosing is simple, right???
One thing I've learned from trading out, selling and buying equipment faster than a speeding bullet is that when you find something you like, stop. I've lost too much money, time and effort aquiring gear that sounded the same or worse and that just sucks. I've decided if I have something I like and I want to try something new, i'm not selling the piece that I like in order to gamble on a new piece, and this folks, is why you'll see me on "hoarders, buried alive" in about ten years with floor to ceiling audio gear :-)
BUT, I wish you all the best luck with your new purchase and I hope that it sounds good and if not, I hope parts of it work and that you don't lose money reselling it :-)
Schubert - truthfully, it was the second Baby I'd owned. They pop up on Agon every now and then for between 400-500 and are worth every penny. SO why did I sell it? Curiosity, I guess. There's always the "What else is out there that I can afford or trade-up on?" mentality that bites us every now and then.

And yes, Phaelon, I chuckled at the first two downer responses. But whatever. If the Mira/JM Labs/Rotel combo doesn;t do it for me, I'll try, try again...
Don't put any credence in my opinion. I could make a very long list of amps I have owned over the last ten years and divide the list into two columns; amps I liked and amps I didn't like. What I like doesn't matter much as I have seen some of my least favorite amps recommended regularly. The Classe CAP151 comes to mind as well as your new Rega.
Hopefully you'll enjoy the Rega. If not, consider it part of the journey.
That's the thing, though. I found I wasn't really happy with the Baby. Then again, after seeing a live symphony last night, I admit that, like many audiophiles, I'm simply trying to reproduce in my listening room what can only be heard in the concert hall.
Well, thre Focal's should sound good and if you still have the triangles, hang on to them for comparison. The focal's should have more bass, I think. Clear Day speaker cables are great and Paul is the nicest guy I've ever done business with; I love the guy. I think the only piece that is ip for debate is the rega, which I have no experience with. Good to hear though that the baby wasn't really doing it for you any more as I had thought about purchasing one locally awhile back; maybe it's best for a small secondary bedroom system.
Anyhow, glad to hear you had a good time lastnight at the symphony :-)
B_limo, someday you can become a horder like this guy. Look like fun?
The best upgrade for Baby Amplifier is to use two Baby Amplifiers in bi-amplifier arrangement. One drives the upper frequency, one drives the bass. Two Baby amplifiers would you the grand scale of power(almost like 4x more) and drive capability.

It is an affordable solution for most baby amplifier owners.