Neil Young Unplugged Import

"Unplugged" is one of my most favorite Neil Young CD's. I see that a Japanese 2008 reissue is available that employs SHM (Super High Material) technology. If anyone has heard this version, I would be interested in your opinion of the sound vs. the original. Also, how would you rate this encoding compared to HDCD?
SHM-CD is a different material (plastic) than standard CD. It has nothing to do with the mastering or encoding.
The theory is that the material is clearer therefore the laser tracks better. I'm not sure if any tests have been done that confirm this or not.

My personal experience with SHM-CDs indicates a slight additional clarity in the upper frequencies (I own about 100 including the NY-Unplugged you asked about).

If I had a choice between an HDCD or a SHM-CD, I would definitely opt for the HDCD but of course you will require a HDCD equiped DAC or CDP.

Hope this helps.
The standard issue CD has wonderful sound to start with.

I have Nirvana and Bryan Adams unplugged CDs with similar exceptional sound.

These are a treat in particular on my OHM Walsh speakers!
Generally speaking, if a CD sounds great the SHM-CD is a slight enhancement.

I owned the original NY-Unplugged and now the Japanese SHM-CD version.

I agree with Mapman, both versions sound great.
Thanks Rja and Mapman. I'm glad I posted as I learned a lot from your responses!