Best MTV Unplugged?

Hi, everyone,

for those into pop & rock, MTV Unplugged is likely something we tune into. These events are a dream come true for pop music lovers who are also acoustic music lovers.
There have been some truly masterful performances, like those of Eric Clapton and John Mellancamp.

I would like you guys to give it up for your favorite MTV Unplugged concert.


Hootie and the Blowfish live from University of South Carolina rocked. Does anyone know if they have that out on DVD?
Paul McCartney, available as an "official bootleg" on LP. Sounds great, and shows that he's not the hack he's been made out to be in the past. A "must have" for Beatles fans, IMHO. Happy Holidays!!
My favorite would have to be the Corrs, available off MTV Europe and released via UK Import.
I remember watching the Eric Clapton ... wow. Now that was a long time ago, but it still stands out in my mind as one of the best acoustic sets I'd ever heard.
Alice in Chains by far... the recording is absolutely awesome!!!
Yo, shout back on that Slowhand.
Niel Young! This has to be one of the best Niel YOung recordings I have ever heard. Gripping!
the release of eric clapton's unplugged cd was a watershed event in a remarkably diverse career. i've likely listened to this recording (which i also have on uk vinyl) more than any other in my collection. "the unplugged collection-vol 1" also has some classic performances, including neil young's "like a hurricane" and elton john's "don't let the sun go down on me." finally, the corrs version of "everybody hurts" is, alone, worth the price of their unplugged album; it, too, is one of my test tracks. -cfb
Nirvana is a must have, and Rod Stewart is a damned fine recording as well. I loved the Clapton release but don't listen to is much these days. Maybe I played it too much early on, or maybe Tears in Heaven is just tough to listen to.
Seal! Sting, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, STP, and Neil Young.
I wish all would be released on CD or DVD.
Dylan...The acoustic shaman
Tony Bennett, I listen to that disc at least once a week, and now can watch it too on DVD.
Out of all of these mentioned, which ones ARE available to purchase ? While i would primarily be looking for CD's, i'm sure some other might want DVD's. Any good source to buy these from online ?

While i'm not a HUGE Nirvana fan, i had to buy the UnPlugged disc just to hear them do Bowie's "Man Who Sold The World". I'm sure the "grunge" crowd thought it was a Nirvana original as they played it even though us "old timers" knew who the real genius behind that tune was. Kurt Cocaine had guts to pull an "oldy" like that out of the closet. Sean

PS... Courtney did it. Don't believe the hype.
My 2 favs have already been mentioned Eric and Neil/ both from the old LD format. Neil's never made it to DVD;so I went out and got the CD. Eric I have on LD, CD, and DVD. The LD is the best audio/ better bass.
10000 Maniac's
Either Nirvana or Alice In Chains
If you don't already own the Alice in Chains "Unplugged", buy it now! Who can remember Eddie Vedder with Pro Choice written on his arm while singing "Jeremy"? What about Scott Weiland sitting in the old rocking chair belting out tunes? Natalie Merchants sweet beautiful voice? Wow!