Neil Young LP box vol. 5-8 soon available on individual LP

My patience paid off, as On The Beach, Tonight's the Night, Zuma, and Time Fades Away have an early September street date. The Box is around $150, and these new LP's are $25.00 each. I believe the Box was mastered by Bernie Grundman, and pressed at PALLAS. I have heard very good reports about the quality of the remastering, and vinyl. No surprise the remastering is excellent, since BG did them. So what gives with being able to buy all 4 for $100, while the box was $150. They are not saying much, other than the new LP's are 140 grams, while the box LP's  are 180 grams. Of course you get the nice box, but many like myself, may not want all 4 LP's. If anyone knows any more detail, please chime in.

I have the 5-8 box.  All four LPs surpass my original US pressings.  I missed the first box, which has also been released piecemeal. Those also sound great.
Oh wow- That's saying something. Not an easy feat. My early press Reprise After the Gold Rush sounds great. I would be real surprised if the remaster 1-4 trumped the early brown label presses. Maybe I will go for the box after all. (-:  I hate to get another Time Fades Away, but I don't have any of the others. I have Decade 3LP set, but nothing like having the original LP's.
I have both box sets and they are incredible.  Reissues done correctly.

good to see they are available individually for the general public
I have the first box set and it surpasses my original issues.  And I actually have a soft spot for "Time Fades Away" - - must just have been that time of life when it came out, I guess...
After all that, I went ahead and ordered the box. Go figure!