Need speaker advice for new Rotel system

Hello fellow Audiogoners. I just purchased a Rotel system consisting of the following components for my new 2-channel system I'm building: RB-1080 (200wpc amp), RC-1090 (pre-amp), RCD-1072 (cdp).

I've only heard a handful of speaker manufacturers and LOVE Focal and Dynaudio (I'm sure I don't have enough real power for Dyn. though). But am not quite familiar with what is recommended for Rotel, or at least what is popular with you knowledgeable folks.

Any help would be appreciated greatly. Oh, and to add I'll be using Tara Labs XLR RSC vector 2 interconnects between the pre and amp, and am using Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable for whatever I end up with on that end :) Still need interconnects to go between the cdp and pre though.

Thanks in advance!!!

you can't go wrong with the focal if you like their sound....also think about b & w speakers, also vandersteen, totem
thanks Dwhitt!
i owned the v26 focal and love their balance and the 705 are extremely good for the money...they are monitors...
I had B&W 703s with a RB1080 amp for a number of years and thought that they sounded terrific together. You might want to check out the B&W product lines.
agree with dwhitt as well.
I'll echo what Rshad0000 said as from what I've heard, Rotel and B&W makes a quite a good sounding combination.
if you read my first response, i mentioned the b & w which work very well, why, because they are basically married to each other in england....rotel and b & w yes they should work very well, but other speakers will do well, especially focal...which by the way, for whatever reason, are being sold on audiogon at reasonable money..
Yup if you see Rotel being played at a store or at a show its almost always with BW speakers but there has been no bad ideas here yet.........add Vandersteen to the list if you want time, phase accurate speakers with 1st order crossovers and real world high level price to performance ratio. I own Rotel amps and Processor, like BW with them.
the three best with rotel, b & w , focal, vandersteen..excellent ,can't go wrong
I am using a Bryston B100 100wpc @8 ohms and 180wpc @4 ohms with dyn C1's. I'm also currently demoing the C2's and the Bryston is holding its own.

Power should not be a problem with most of the dynaudio lineup.
best speakers for bryston equipment, if that is the question, no doubt...vandersteen ...arerial......and b & w do wll also...dwhitt
thanks for the great input guys! I've always wanted to audition Vandersteen....hmmm....
What would you current owners of Rotel categorize the sonic characteristics as?
vandersteen is a passive speaker than is not out front, but very neutral in it presentation, most rock people don't like them because they aren't dynamic or loud enough in it's presentation..but jazz lover's love them because they are neutral and passive and have great balance in the sound. they are rather large in the room ,so you must take that to notice, they need power ,but when set up, WHOW, that is why they always make the best buy speaker selection in the audio magazine every year...i have owned them with solid state equipment and tubes and they work well with both., although i believe they are alittle more aggressive with solid state...if you audition them , listen to the 1b or the smaller ,then go to the 2ce, small difference in sound big difference in price and looks in a room...most women do not like vandersteen in their house because they look like a speaker and not a piece of furniture, and richard vandersteen will discuss that with you if you call him, although i know you won't...he hates looks over performance.good luck in your venture...dwhitt
My local Rotel dealer carries both Focal & B&W. I have listened to them both and prefered the B&W's sound. With the Rotel gear I felt the Focal's to be a little bright or aggressive sounding. The B&W combo was quite smooth and detailed.
Vandersteen needs to be looked into...its a grown ups speaker for music lovers and not audiphile tail chaser's.
First order, minimal baffle, time and phase accurate...they will sound most likely more musical than most any speaker listed here, BW will have more sizzle which can mean fatigue to some, trust your own ears!
You have enough power for the Dynaudio speakers.
What is your budget?
This is great guys thanks again. My budget would probably fall under the $3k price range...
Man some used Vandy 3A speakers with the Vandy sub or subs would be awesome, pretty much like a Quatro without the bass EQ feature! Its pretty easy to promise you would be very happy!
I have two all-Rotel systems
Digital: RC-1090 (replaced RC-1070), RB-1092 (replace RB-1070), RCC-1055, RLC-1040, B&W N804. B&W ASW800 sub

Analogue: RC-1082, RB-1092, RC-1072, RLC-900, Dynaudio Audience 52SE, Dynaudio Audience Sub 20A

Both B&W and Dynaudios sound wonderful, lively and warm. There are many Rotel bashers here but performance/$$ is tough to beat. Your RB-1080 is a nice amp and has an exceptional damping factor of 1000.
that's good info thanks....I'm so torn between Dyn and Focal...
I agree with a lot of the previous responses ... Vandersteen 1C's or 2Ce Sig./II's should sound absolutely wonderful with your Rotel set-up. You should definitely give them a try. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!!
ok I must listen to the Vandys... what about the Gallo 3.1's? Anyone have an opinion on those with the Rotel?
i have a buddy who is a rotel dealer, been around the business 30 years and loves equipment and music and is not just a business man, he really loves the equipment and the fun of working the equipment to match up. He sells rotel with the b & w, vandersteen. He says they are matches made for each other....dwhitt
That's interesting..
Chris, what are you replacing the Gallos with?
Don't know if you've selected your speakers yet, but if not, consider the Salk SongTowers. A high end ST with ribbon tweeters and a selection of custom veneer finish is within your budget. I just added a RB-1080 to my SongTowers and it's a great combination.
I've listened to Rotel gear played through both Focal and B&W. I think B&W is a much better match!
I use Dynaudio Focus 140 with Rotel 1562 with good results.