Need some quick expert opinions trying to decide between 3 DAC's

Hello All,

I'm trying to decide between these 3 DAC's to be used strictly with my cd player (Pioneer PD-F908 carousel-I know shitty but I love and need a carousel and that's why I want to use this strictly as a transport), pre is Rotel RSP-1582. I was also considering the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic but a very helpful poster said the Schiit would be a better bet. I have since come across a few deals on the Musical Fidelity and the Pro-Ject which are noprmally a bit more costly than the Schiit...

Schiit Modius
Pro-Ject Dac Box S2 Plus
Musical Fidelity V90

I know highly subjective but I have no experience with DAC's so any/all opinions will help...Thanks so much in advance!

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What sound characteristics are you looking for most, and what’s your max budget?
I did not care for the Denafrips Ares 2, liked the sound of the MHDT Istanbul more, as its high frequencies were more subtle and refined, and had better imaging.
Thank you all for responding. I'd like to keep it under $500 which is why I am looking at these 3. I listen to everything from Diana Krall to Iron Maiden. I really prefer something on the warmer detailed side with a nice wide soundstage. My speaks are Dynaudio Evoke...