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Need some quick expert opinions trying to decide between 3 DAC's
Schiit Bifrost 2, Denafrips Ares 2, or MHDT Labs Orchid. 
Suggestions for New CD Player
hshifi,How is Mike Holm doing? I remember when his audio store was from a three story house, in Lisle. My NAD 515 cdp , I bought from there, still working great. 
This website has become S-L-O-W
Have you performed any maintenance on your browser? It may help to clear any browsing and history data. It, also, helps to have an Ad Blocker. 
Suggestions for New CD Player
hickamore :I stand corrected. In English, "A cdp can be prone to issues". and" don’t marry Dora, she can be prone to issues" 
preamp upgrade suggestion around $2000
Is there such a thing, a "good" solid state preamp? 
Suggestions for New CD Player
I would suggest the Cambridge transport, teamed with a Denafrips Ares II. Or,if you could stretch that $1500, a little, a MHDT tubed dac .The Marantz is a good suggestion.Like you alluded to, I would be careful not to put too much money into a cdp... 
ISO Pucks with Harbeth and Sklyan Stands
Check out the following website: 
Dac methodology
It does not sound like a DAC issue, to me. Those are very good DACs you have.Have you decoupled your speakers from the floor? That would make a big difference in SQ, like having new speakers. Try, also, moving your speakers away from the rear wall... 
Schiit order issue - anyone receiving shipments?
No problem here. I placed my order on New Years eve. Items have shipped out on Jan 6th.It may depend on what you are ordering. 
What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?
I would suggest an Audio Mirror Tubadour III or MHDT Orchid  DAC.I am surprised that you find the Bifrost "cold". 
What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?
"What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC ?"Only you can answer this question. To be fair, you may not like the sound of which DAC someone here may suggest. You`ll have to listen with your own ears. 
a question for those "in the know" re: the future for quality FM
whatjd, Thank you, for asking. I`ve known about Magnum Dynalab for a long time. Their items were beyond my affordability. I did not pay attention to them. Because of your post, I may consider them, in the future. If, I come across sufficient funds. 
Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?
A Schiit Loki. Best $150 ever spent.I bought a NAD 118 digital preamp. It is a cross between a Schiit Loki and Black Ice F360. I bought it, brand new, at half the full retail price of $1600.Five years later, I bought an immaculate used NAD 118 for... 
Maggies to Tekton?
Ever consider a Sub? A nice compliment to your Maggies that will give you " oomph and excitement". 
Uprgading RCD 855
A Cambridge CXC transport. Teamed with the following DAC`s: Bifrost, Gungnir, Aries II, or MHDT Labs, would be hard to beat for that amount.The lowest priced Luxman, if you could find one.