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Roon question -- Android tablet working as Roon Remote can't find Roon Core each morning
Check to make sure your android device is on the same wifi as the Roon core. If it isn’t, it will display that message.  My Nucleus is connected via the Eero pod's LAN jack, whereas the tablet is on wifi.  Of course the Eeros pods are shooting ... 
So, I listened to a $1Million Dollar System
I learned a long time ago that people with a lot of money are often not very smart at spending it.  Very often folks with a lot of anything tend to waste it or not think very much about how to use it.  
Mesh network versus a simple Wi-Fi extender
The mesh pods work much better in our house than the old extenders, which were really hit and miss.  So many drop outs.  
Ethernet cables
I have been very happy with Supra cable which sounds better than the freebie or cheapie Amazon cables but doesn't break the bank either.  
Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
Let me ask another question. For the main amp, it is pretty heavy so a thick stiff cord is workable but for smaller items like phono stage or DAC they are smaller lighter units, they will work much better with a pretty flexible lighter AC cable. W... 
Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
I appreciate the advice to try more expensive power cables in addition to cheaper ones, on a return and refund basis. So I will need to figure out which ones to try. Zafino seems to have a pretty heavy restocking fee, on a cheap cable its no biggi... 
Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
@ghdprentice You asked about my system. Presently I have Epos M22 (their top of the line floor stander from their heyday, had these forever and in my room they just work for me) and a Rel Storm 3 sub. 
Cost effective power cables recommendations, low and high power
Thank you all for the responses thus far. Just so I am crystal clear, I am not wanting to debate the benefit of power cables, I am asking users here what they have used that they have found cost effective and satisfying in their systems. Sure, I ... 
Pass Labs Class A Amplifier Meter Reading
Thanks for the replies.    
Most underrated female recording artists..
One of my favorites is Chantel Cumberland.  
Which arms share the Rega Geometry?
Origin Live and Audiomods arms are really amazing, they take the Rega arm and do wonders.  I think it shows the goodness of the basic Rega designs.  Solid stuff that works.  
Disservice: XLR interconnects
I too have learned that even if something has balanced jacks or connectors, doesn't mean it is actually a balanced circuit.  The connectors can have one of the pins dead, passing the signal on the other two pins.  Learned the hard way on that a fe... 
Ether Regen and AfterDark Master Clock
I found this thread from last year. I now have an Etherregen and would like to hear more user experiences with putting in a standalone better clock into the Etherregen clock input.  The Etherregen is supposed to have a very good clock in it alread... 
DH Labs.
This the kind of excellent small vendor that I really like, with reasonably priced products and great service.  There should be more like DH Labs.  
USB microphone setup to measure room for PC or Chromebook (non Apple user)
How does UMIK-2 do a better job than the others mentioned? If I could use a mic that has traditional XLR output (not USB), is there an adapter or something like that that would allow its output to be plugged into a computer running the measuremen...