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What is a cost effective way to level match, for comparing different hifi components?
Hi allThanks all for the repsonses. Most are quite helpful. I wasnt intending this to be a debate about whether level matching when doing comparisons is useful, I already believe it is with little doubt. When we listen, our brain is fooled by loud... 
GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS
I stumbled into this and while it is polarizing and opinionated, some of what is being said is pretty interesting. 
Revel Performa F228 Be speaker... thoughts?
OldAodiophileThank you for your excellent advice.  I very much appreciate it. 
Doge 7 tube DAC
Another super contribution from jjss49. Its just a pleasure to read what you have to say.I would just say thank you again for what you add to this discussion forum. I wish more would do as you do here, it is so useful and informative for those of ... 
New to me speakers
I think it is harder than ever to testdrive speakers in this day and age given the virus and all the busness closings that have happened.  Hifi shops were closing already as foot traffic was reduced from online buying.  Before the covid thing was ... 
If Power Cords Don't Matter...
To MillercarbonThanks for your response. I guess I missed the humor, sometimes I do. My handle is mispelled as I struggle with dyslexia. It is hard to type straight when I am tired. It talkes concentration, and where I can, on work or important th... 
If Power Cords Don't Matter...
@millercarbon I am not understanding what you are saying in your posting below. In high school physics we learned that voltage is analogous to physical water pressure, and current is like water flow in volume. So what you are saying is losing me.I... 
Revel Performa F228 Be speaker... thoughts?
I suppose it is a compliment to say a speaker is without character, so long as it is full range, and has really good clarity to play through what is sent to it. 
Spendor Classic 3/1 vs Graham Chartwell LS6 ?
I am glad this one was revived from 2020.  Am quite intersted in this very nice discussion! 
RMAF 2021 Cancelled
It is shame not so much that this year's festival is cancelled, but that there will no more ones in the future.  Maybe another promoter or organizer can take over the mantle. 
Anybody else waiting for GaN and Purify to have a baby?
@jjss49 That was a pleasure to read, what a wonderful and descriptive report. I may have to get that Mini GAN amplifier and shed my cranky Naim. Better for the planet too.Respect, and best regards. 
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
I recall being worried about this question years ago.  After asking a lot of knowledgable people at that time. I decided it is not worth being concerned about. 
300b INTEGRATED AMP Suggestions
A work friend and fellow audio lover had a small Cary 300B amplifier driving Audio Note speakers, I don’t know what model, but they stood on low-boy stands. The sound was really impressive, sounded like a real voices real guitars and so on 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
How do the GAN amplifiers like Audion ADG and Voyager GAN sold by Underwood compare to these super amps being discussed? 
So I just bought a Hegel H390 and
I am considering a Hegel integrated for my system upgrade.  One of the things I have read about this line of amps is that they have the ability to drive many many speakers well.