Need some advice

Hi everyone Just signed up and could use some advice.I am thinking of purchasing a set of speakers for HT and music. Thinking of either Triad inroom gold LCR or M&K S150 system. For now powered by my B&K AVR307. Yes I have heard both and wouldn't mind either.
If you've heard both why are you asking here, just curious.
real world use opinion. thank you for a helpful response DARE you take up forum space with a brand specific comparison question!
Don't get your knickers in a twist Sal.
What is the point just trust and follow yours ears,
Whatever comment I can make it is a waste of time for me and the readers...
O/P,I've installed a couple of systems based around M&K's but never thought them "musical".While they were VERY true to the source material they seemed too analytical for my taste.I want something with a little color & warmth.
Have a listen to Dynaudio if you can.Close enough to be true Studio Monitors but with just enough personality to bring music to life.
The M&K speakers are really designed for a HT system. If this is your primary use then they would be a good choice. The Triad speakers are a little more traditional design and likely better for both stereo and HT use than the M&K. Be mindful that both are not full range speakers and need to be supplemented with a subwoofer. Best results in building a theater system usually are achieved if you use all the same speakers or at least the same brand within a system. Once you choose, plan to stay on the same path or start over completely with something else.