Need recommendations for a streamer

I would like to upgrade from a Bluesound Node to a higher quality streamer.


The Node sounds fine with my current system, but I am making a second system for my wife, and the Node is going to that new system. I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade my streamer at this time.


My criteria are that it be a streamer only (no DAC/storage/CD player, etc), be able to hook into wi-fi/cloud without a physical wire/connection, have balanced outputs to go to my DAC, and cost less than 2,500 USD. Can anybody think of a streamer that fits this bill?


The rest of my system:

DAC: Terminator II

Preamp: Schiit Freya+

Amps: PS Audio M1200 x 2

Speakers: Thiel CS 2.3




@ Malibu457

I had a Node 2i and upgraded to a Lumin U1 Mini and thought it worthwhile. There was an improvement for sure, especially in imaging and sense of air. More subtle than a  DAC upgrade though. The OP already has an excellent DAC, A streamer upgrade will allow him to utilize it’s full potential.

One consideration is how the streamer will access ripped or purchased music files so worth looking into the particulars of that with respect to any given streamer.

The OP wants wireless. The Lumin must have wired ethernet. I did not have easy access to wired ethernet where I have my Lumin but used an TP Powerline extender. This solution works flawlessly and is what a prominent retailer recommends.



Wireless with a mesh network providing a nice strong signal has been as good or better than wired Ethernet for me.

I recently bought a second hand Antipodes EX for £2,000 - they are £4,000 new.

It is a very high end piece of kit and can operate in lots of different ways streamer/server/roon end point.

The EX came out in 2018 so it's still up-to-date tech and ultimately reducing noise and improving timing is what a good server should do.

+1 @andyrowe 

I have 3 systems in my home, so when I went for Bluesound I bought a Vault2 and two Node2.  Both the Vault and one of the Nodes died at separate times during updates.  I have spent many frustrating hours dealing with Bluesound that I won’t recapitulate here.  I ultimately purchased a Melco N100 which has been extremely reliable and sound’s terrific.  Bluesound is a good starting place for streaming for audiophiles that are unsure if streaming will fit their needs but people shouldn’t view it as some kind of audio jewel that will be passed on to their heirs

Another vote for an Auralic Aries G2 here. Ticks all the OP requirements.

Excellent quality,