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Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?
Yes, and preferably with a Linear Power Supply.   
Subwoofer for music, how low?
if you go SVS then def the Pro version. remote adjustments are key to good integration  i have two svs 1000 pro and apps use REW software and microphone to help with positioning and eq etc.  
What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.
in my view, it's best to have the streamer and DAC as one unit so the signal path is shorter (no cables needed) and no conversion of  the signal which remains as I2S. The best music server is a Roon nucleus (or cheaper copy) with LPS.  
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Puritan 156 power conditioner Silent Angel Bonn 8 network switch SVS SB1000 Pro Subwoofers (pair) Wilson Sasha 2's  
a remarkably basic question about Roon
You can also buy third party "ROON Nucleus" servers running a dedicated Linux software which are much cheaper and just as good, as the official version. These servers only use SSD memory so produce no noise and you can add a LPS as well, making t... 
a remarkably basic question about Roon
If you haven't tried ROON it might appear to be unnecessary, but once you have used it for a few weeks and discovered what it can do, you will want to keep it. Just noting the OP said the music was louder using ROON, i found that reducing the ROO... 
Ayon S-10 Mk 2 with ROON / Tips for better SQ
Hi Spatial The filter was created in REW (free software but you need to buy a USB mic) and then uploaded it into ROON via the DSP settings. ROON call it a Convolution file. I have a cheaper copy of a ROON Nucleus which does exactly the same job... 
Can the digital "signal" be over-laundered, unlike money?
I had this experience with a Silent Angel network OCXO switch with LPS - more detail and resolution but to the point where it was sometimes too much (recording dependent) I found that the issue was down to weaknesses in the rest of the audio chai... 
Bye Bye Puppy!
After several hours of speaker re-positioning and measuring with REW I was still very unhappy with the bass and was really making me sad! This evening I double checked to see if I had wired the speakers correctly and they were in opposi... 
What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"
"very neutral" - there are no degrees of neutral. 
Bye Bye Puppy!
@geekster - nice contribution and appreciated. My first impressions are that they are a world apart from the puppy's and I am amazed at the midrange clarity and separation. The soundstage is incredible and envelopes the listener.The upper mids may... 
Bye Bye Puppy!
thank you hshifi and all above for your generous good wishes and positive feedback. 🙏🏻This upgrade has taken a long time to finance and I was lucky to be able to stretch the funds and find a preowned pair on a very good deal (less than half of ret... 
Cost Effective System Improvement? every component in one go. 
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Nice system James. Loving the stereo subs!  
Bye Bye Puppy!
😂 ..yes, but what does that makes you and Mike?Different speakers every month? 😀