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Sound quality issues streaming from Tidal vs CD
1. no2. yes and a G1 is also a good option.3. a better USB would help and also consider AES/EBU.4. noThe issue you have is electronic noise getting into audio signal via the streamer. Good luck!  
New DAC vs Streamer/DAC
see if you can find a pre owned Auralic Aries with LPS or look at Auralic Mini.taking the mac book out of the chain is a good move. 
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
i use the Sunyata Hydra conditioner on my power amp (as someone mentioned above, a passive conditioner does not restrict the power supply) and the streamer (which has a linear power supply -  but i think that dumps noise back into the wall). The h... 
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Cedar. I have a dedicated feed from my CU and thought my power was pretty clean as well until i found a conditioner that worked. Over bright/thin sound is the predominant character of noisy power. re the Tripp Lite Isobar, it’s quite common to sta... 
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Spotify has digital EQ in settings/playbackEQ for Tidal is via Roon integration  
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
i should have added that you also need some aftermarket power cables to get the best from the power conditioner. Nothing expensive, just shielded and with lower awg than the the stock cords and plugged straight into the wall. 
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
I think this is a really interesting problem and one which I have also experienced in the past.What you have are some highly revealing speakers and a sub which are highlighting problems in the audio signal, upstream. You don’t need to spend very m... 
Ayon Audio origins? hmmm
my experiences with the UK dealer for Ayon have all been very positive. i believe the vast majority of top quality electronics are going to be reliable, regardlessof where they are assembeld. i agree with regard to the “re-education” camps in chin... 
Digital Room Correction For Speakers
i have owned and used DIRAC mini dap and DEQX HDP-4the DIRAC was easy to use and pretty good results by I expect you could achieve  very similar results with the Roon EQ and using your ears.DEQX speaker correction was a clear win however you need ... 
Speaker With Least Room Interaction
Kii Audio 
I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!
tube preamp.  
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
+1 for buying a tube DACi recently bought an pre owned Ayon Stratos (£4.5k) and it does exactly what you are looking for. I have also heard the Ayon Stealth and it is very close to Stratos, for slightly lower price.I couldnt afford a Lampizator!  
Am I deaf?
Computers are noisy and are not ideal for streaming music. If you are comparing CD to computer then the difference in SQ may be down to this.  
Full Range under $5k-ish
I have owned Wilson Watt Puppy 6’s for 10 years and which are around £4K preowned and full range. The power amp amp needs to have excellent dynamics because the ohms can drop from 4 to 2 and even below requiring large reserves of power to be neede... 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
+1 for Ayon Audio Stealth or Stratos. The latter being worth the extra if you can afford but the Stealth is also excellent.