Need Recommendation for Good Outdoor Speakers

My uncle wants to install some exterior speakers, and I don't want to lead him astray (I'm stuck with the install). They have to withstand the elements, and preferably be able to be found for around 300 bucks. Any suggestions?

P.S. They need to be able to play fairly loudly, too.
There are several speaker manufacturers that market all-weather speakers. I bought a pair of Mirage Oasis speakers several years ago; no complaints and I live in Canada where the four seasons are rather distinct. They have a little switch on 'em to compensate for the environment, adds a little bottom end. Nice mounting hardware, hard to beat for the price ~$225 new. I use a NAD7100 Reference Series receiver and Dynaco tubed CDP to listen to tunes whilst hanging around my pool. In the winter the electronics come inside and along with a pair of Wharfdale Diamond speakers make up my garage system. The Oasis speakers have been outdoors every day for a little over four years now. My neighbors have commented on their ability to play loudly, several times. Boston Acoustics makes outdoor speakers (I didn't like'em much) and I'm pretty sure Focal makes some nice speakers as well (but cost quite a bit more than the Mirage were).
Paradigm does also, I haven't heard or priced them, but if I were looking for decent speakers cheap, I would give them a listen.
check out the and ws-510 outdoor speakers from speakercraft ....they are wonderful speakers and come with a lifetime warrenty !!! you can see them on our showcase on audiogon or go to -

if you need more info and pricing please feel free to get in touch ...
good luck and
good listening
i put a pair of Niles OS-20 in my yard.
i was pretty surprised with the caliber of bass provided.
Klipsch makes an outdoor speaker which features horn loading, and thus is quite efficient. The housing is made of ABS plastic, so it will withstand outdoor weather pretty well. I have not heard this speaker, but since Klipsch is now distributed fairly widely you should be able to find a dealer.
B&W Leisure Monitors are weatherproof. I have used Rock Solid monitors (their predessor) for about 4 yrs. They have been outside the entire time and still sound great.
I really like my B&W WP-1's. They are the best outdoor speaker I have ever owned and I have owned three different pairs. You can't go wrong with these.
I must agree with Gerryn. I too own, two (2) pairs, of B&W WP-1's for my outdoor patio. I'm currently pushing them with an Adcom GFA -2535 (4 channels multi amp, configure at 60W x 4; found my used pair on eBay for $250. My budget for spending on outdoor speakers was limited to $600ish a pair. I listened to alot of outdoor speakers (e.g. Niles, SpeakerCraft, Boston Accoustics, Bose, etc.) and this had the best bass response at the price I wanted to spend. Now if $$money$$ is no object and you really want the BEST . . . then I would have purchase a pair of All Weather Tannoys, see, if you ever go to a "W" hotel, this is what they use in their lounges; outstanding sound! FYI#1: If your looking to purchase a WP-1, they're discontinued, but, check out http://, if this is still availble for sale at $265, you should gooble it up; I bought my 2nd pair, used on eBay for $350. FYI#2 If you can't find any WP-1's, I would go for an NHT Outdoor One. There's one on eBay for auction Hope this helps.