Need new tweeters for Focal 1007Be

HELP!!! my 18 months old destroyed both of them. Any idea where I can buy them and for how much ? Any help much appreciated.
Why don't you try calling a Focal dealer? I think that they stopped selling their drivers to other companies a couple of years ago.
"Be" would indicate Beryllium drivers, make sure they are disposed of properly Beryllium is a highly toxic material.

This is where you can inquire about replacement drivers AudioPlus Services they also may be able to help you with the recycling of the old drivers.

Best of Luck

Sorry to hear! Feel your pain. My not so little then 9 year old broke one of the Be tweeters from one of my 1037 Be's about 3 years ago. I contacted Audio Plus like Peter says and they referred me to the local dealer that could help me order it. Now the hard part.... Cost me @ $950.... Dealer offered to install for about another $60, which was fair but given the size of the 1037's and that they offered good instructions, I chose to install myself with excellent results. Requires good light and eyesight or glasses and a pretty steady pulse.
Good luck, those are great speakers
Dorado ... is that $950 for just one tweeter or a matched pair? Even if a matched pair, what does Focal do ... encase the tweets in gold, platinum and diamonds?

Paradigm manufactures its own drivers, including beryllium tweeters for its Signature line. For some reason, I seem to recall that a Be tweet is half the price of a Focal.

Another source of Be tweets is Scan-Speak. Not suggesting that the OP use anything other than a Focal tweeters. Just curious about pricing.
This thread sparked my curiosity. Not sure where Scan-Speak drivers are made. Maybe Sweeden. Anyway, here's a link to the Scan-Speak on line store. I think the quoted price for their Beryllium tweeter is Kr 3,465.00 (inc tax). If the currency is Krona, the US dollar exchange equivalent is about $520, and that's retail.

I think Focal is gouging.

One cannot just swap a SS tweeter for a Focal one, the cutout for one does not fit, but thats just the mechanical part of it, the crossover before that tweeter is optimized for the Focal driver, the SS would yield a completely different result.

ScanSpeak drivers are made in Denmark, and their drivers are available through Madisound here in the US, not that this would help our unfortunate friend. The currency in Denmark is Kroner, current exchange rate is DKK 5.50 to one US$

Other than that I agree that $950 for one tweeter is expensive

Good Listening

That was for only one tweeter. One tweeter is shinier than the other but besides that , I think it would be really hard for anyone to hear a difference, if that's possible at all, with beryllium material on one only a couple of years newer than the other one. Especially, after being played for several hundred hours. Very expensive, but in my case, a no brainer at the time given the options.
Peter .... agree that OP should not swap any other driver or component into his Focals unless a genuine Focal part. As I said above, "[n]ot suggesting that the OP use anything other than a Focal tweeter. Just curious about pricing."

Still scratching my head about how Focal comes off charging $950. Maybe it's for a pair. Hard to believe one driver, even one with a Be dome, could cost that much.



Thanks for all suggestions. I covered them (damaged areas) with clear tape, do you think that I should put them away from my living room?
The best price I get is $1600 for both of them.
Thanks again.
You could remove them to get acquainted with the process and to Zip lock seal and properly discard the tweeter enclosure. If you don't plan to install them it would still be safe to discard them and wipe any Be dust from the area. Guess tape could also work for now.