Usher 718be vs Focal 1007Be

I'm looking for a speaker that soundstages well while being placed close to front wall. Small room, my Vandersteen2C sound fine but I must listen very close to the speakers in the nearfield and they dominate the room, wife a/f a consideration. Will I miss the bass much? Also, hear great things about the Gallo ref strada with sub. Thanks.
I owned the Usher 718-BE's, auditioned the Focal 1007 BE’s, sold the Usher’s, and purchased Focal Micro Utopia’s. I was perfectly happy with the Usher's so the only reason I sold the Usher’s and purchased the Micro Utopia’s was because the devil made me do it. To my ears, compared against the Focal 1007 BE's, the Usher’s were more musical, had more sparkle, and conveyed a greater sense of weight that the Focal 1007 BE's didn't have. In fairness to the Focal 1007 BE’s, the room I auditioned them in may have been over damped.

The Usher's are front ported and the Focal 1007 BE's are rear ported so the Usher's can be closer to the front wall and still retain the bass. My Utopia's are front ported and that was another reason I went with the Utopia's verses the 1007's.
Neither. Dynaudio Contour S1.4. You won't be missing any bass with the Dyns. Just the opposite. You'll rediscover bass. Just give them a listen if you can.