Need help with Blu Ray upgrade

I audtioned a Pioneer Elite bdp95fd in my system and was dispointed with the audio portion.
I currently have:
1 Denon DVD9000
1 Krell HTS
1 Krell Showcase 5 amp
4 Revel M20
1 Revel
2 Revel B15

The BluRay picture was much better, but sound was very lacking compared to the Denon DVD9000. I just want to improve the picture quality but I want the same level of sound as the Denon DVD 9000. I am connecting the TV with HDMI and the sound using coax into the Krell processor.
Would the Marantz BD 8002 meet my requirements?
I am also trying to hold costs down so I can buy new stereo speakers for my tube gear. I know my system is starting to get old but I am happy with it.

I was thinking the SE verison of the Oppo 83 is for analog out. I am using the coax out which is a digital bit stream out. Is the SE version really going to help? I guess the other question is should I be thinking of using 6 analog outs instead of 1 coax digital connection?
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If you are smart, you will get the denon, you will have multi-channel sound from both Video and Audio DVD’s, without using the analog connection.
Is the BDP-83SE balanced? It doen't look like it is. I always thought Krell sounded better balanced. Should I just buy the BDP-83SE and connect it to the Krell with RCA single ended analog cables?
I have to buy something now. My DVD 9000 quit today.
If you are smart...? The oppo83 will output multi-ch anything via hdmi and analog with onboard processing for older non-hdmi units. The smart question or concern is whether or not the preamp/recvr will accept it. Either way the oppo handily outdoes the denon and then some. The customer service/support alone is worth the price of the unit. Buy the oppo!
If the Krell HTS has five analog imputs and does not convert to digital then try it both ways and see which one you like. As listed above the oppo se only upgrades the analog sections and uses a different DAC.
I was not sure how I wanted to connect the blueRay player so I bought the Oppo 83SE.
I received my Oppo BDP-83SE DVD player and I have tried it in my Home Theater system. It is going to stay. The picture is great what can you say it is BlueRay. Sound-wise it is better defined in the center channel than my Denon DVD-9000. I think the Denon had more air around the notes though. They are both using the same Krell processor with a coax. You would think they should be the same. I did not try analog because I do not have enough interconnects to hook up the Oppo player analog. I will buy some in the future.
Since I can not compare them, my Denon DVD laser quit and will only play CDs. I tried putting the Oppo BDP-83SE into my big stereo tube system against my Mark Levinson 2 piece. The Oppo is good but in a system of 40 tubes it can not hold its own. I guess it is not really fair comparison because it is apples and oranges. The Mark Levinson beats it all over and especially in the mid range. If I could make one change it would be a smoother mid range. I was using the same Audioquest Diamond x3 interconnects for both adjusting volume for single ended and balanced.
Your choice of the Marantz BD 8002 is a great choice. The Denon version(DVD-3800BDCI) will also fit the bill.