Need help to choosing speakers


I am in the process to upgrade my main speakers (audio only), I am interested in the following speakers. Would like to know if any one had compared or owner these speakers before that can help me made my decision easier. Thank you for your time and opinions.

1. JM Lab Mini Utobia
2. Vandersteen 3A Sig
3. Audes Credo Blues

These speakers will be drive by my Bat VK300 integrate amp

Hey Brian,
I have not compared all of the speakers, but I can tell you the Audes our a true highend speaker. Wide sound stage, tight bass, image like crazy.The speakers our very tube friendly also. I listened to many speakers before buying the Audes. Some at a much higher cost. The Audes give you so much for the price vs. proformance. Craftmanship is first rate, built like a tank, thick wood, real wood. The speakers sound more like a planer then a box speaker. Save lots of cash, and get all the proformance of speaker costing more. E mail me if you have more questions about the Audes Blues.
JM Lab Mini Utobia with JM Lab SW 900 sub. This combo sounds amazing