Choosing speakers for room w/ obstructing sofas

I have only one place for speakers-- on either side of a fireplace bumpout, and there are couches perpendicular to speaker locations with 32 inch high arms. Should I buy floorstanders with drivers (mids and tweeters, at least) clustered toward top of cabinet, in order to clear obstructing sofa arms, or put monitors atop stands, keeping in mind that stands would have to be at least 30 inches high, probably more. I have purchased a new cd player and integrated amp based on Audiogon feedback, but cannot finish putting new system together as I'm stumped by this speaker issue. Help!
you could get some maggies or martin logans that throw huge mid/treble from a panel so that aiming isnt as critical.
Maybe one of the omni-directional speakers would be a good fit. They supposedly fill a room with sound and are not supposed to be room dependant. Many of them seem to have an upward firing woofer/mid-woofer.

I saw an ad today for the Morel Chorus and it was kind of interesting. Supposedly you can place it anywhere and still get a good stereo image. I think some of the Ohms were designed like this and the Decware Radials work this way too.


I hate to sound pessimistic but I don't think that the type of speaker will make a difference. The laws of physics are going to get in the way. When the speaker radiates sound, whether it is floorstanding or whether it is stand mounted, the sound waves will bounce off the sofa, or at least some of them will. (Highs will be absorbed.) You will now have the same frequencies coming to your ears from the speaker and the sofa. This will cause a certain aural confusion, for lack of a better term, and will affect soundstaging and imaging. you will not be getting the performance your speakers are capable of. You either live with it, or you rearrange your furniture and/or speaker placement.
I have Ohm's latest effort in a horrible, misshaped & obstructed room, and they're doing very well. I still have time left on the in home trial, but they're most likely staying. I don't know what - short of MBL 101s (@ $20-48K) - would do better in this room.
You guys really know how to cheer somebody up! I know, I know, laws of physics. If the speakers are pulled as far back from sofas (against wall) what effect would that have, if any? Good? Bad?
some speakers are better near wall than others, make sure that if you do choose a speaker for near wall to ask around, like for example dont get a pair with a rear bass port.

Caal me an alien but I have similar problems in my own room and added .... a Rel sub !! This move gave more dimension to the overall soundscape and somehow gave me the illusion of wider and more accurate space, diminishing the negative effect of our couch ....

BTW, am using Avalon Eidolon.
Zu Druids are tall, and will basically have the driver/tweeter above the arm of you sofa. I had this arrangement at our previous house with great results.