Choosing the right Toslink cable

Hey all,
I'm trying to choose a toslink cable to transport 2 channel signal from my Mac Pro to a Conrad Johnson Premier Nine DAC.

I've been shopping around a little bit and I've found the following (price high to low):
- Nordost Whitelight glass (around 175.00)
- Audioquest Optilink 3 or 5 (around 80.00-180.00)
- Van Den Hul Optocoupler (around 90.00)
- Wireworld Super Nova 5+ (around $80.00)
- River Cable Tos (around 70.00)

Any thoughts?
vanden hul - it's actually glass, appears to perform well...and it's actually affordable. In my system between my {mac mini or Aopen mini pc} and my dac 3.. i couldn't hear a difference between it and USB.

I had to upgrade to the Bel Canto USB link to get a noticeable upgrade in performance.
Check this inexpensive glass Toslink:
It is good quality with 280 strands of glass with high quality connectors. I use one.
Another vote for the HdH. I use one. I tried the cheap glass one, no contest.
Make that VdH.
in my experience, the Wireworld Super Nova 5+ (now replaced with Supernova 6) completely outperformed the much more expensive Audioquest Optilink 5. It regularly receives top reviewers comments as well.
have not tried the others but the VDH works great for me between my Mac Mini and Tact M2150