Choosing tube power amp

I’m trying to decide between a pair of Carver 350 or a pair of PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP. The prima is a ultralinear which, apparently carver hates (but I still fondly remember my Phase Linear 400). I'm more interested in sound and build qualities rather than sheer power. Any advise would be gratefully accepted.

Couldn't be happier with my PL Prologue Premium mono-blocks. EL-34 based . 
Primaluna Dialogue owner running KT-88's, couldn't be happier. I went through Musical Fidelity and Naim before settling on Primaluna.  In hindsight I should have stretched a little more to get to the HP. On the other hand tube rolling power tubes on the HP could get expensive.  
I'm very happy where I am.  
Original Prima Luna Prologue Owner (PL2 integrated and PL5 power amps) for the last 13 years with zero problems.  Plenty of tube rolling options.  I flirt with upgrading up the PL line, but these amps just keep plugging along, so no reason why.

I have a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP integrated, about a year old. Not the same as what you are considering but it sounds great and works flawlessly.  
What is the rest of your system? I think those two amps are designed with different applications in mind.