Need help selecting bookshelf speakers for theatre

I hope some of you would give recommendations on a pair of used bookshelf speakers for my home theatre. I've never owned anything besides towers. Previous systems included KEF, Klipsch and Alon. I'm running a Marantz SR-18 receiver and a DVD player. No turntable or other analog gear. 95% of my time is spent on satellite tv. 5% of my time is spent on dvd concerts. This 5% is the most important to me. Favorite artists include Clapton, Sting, Sade. Price range is under $1,000 for the used pair - I'll build the rest of the system around the bookshelves. I live in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan so demos - especially for used gear - are pretty much non-existent. Thanks for the help!
I'm using BW602's with my Cambridge AVR. Around $350 used.
Dynaudio 52SE's
I recommend the Dynaudios or Von Schweikert VR-1s. Also, buy used if possible. If not, buy internet with a 30 day return policy-consider AV123, Axiom, Hsu research (my favorite).
There was or is a pair of KEF Reference 102/2s listed probably on Audiogon. The 102/2s are excellent speakers. I use a pair for surrounds in one system and a pair for mains in another system.

Check out the New Monitor Audio RX-2's
A lotta speaker for the $$ !!!
I just finished my system in the back/workout room. I would up running it with a NAD player/receiver/amp integrated with 60WPC into my zone 2 speakers. THese are ERA D5 units on 36" stands. I know that the D5's are very good bookshelf speakers and planned on this system being music only. Its actually a 2.0 HT system due to the electronics. DUring setup we had a senior moment and were getting no sound. Cue 20 minutes of nothing with 5 seconds of deafening soundtrack. Interesting thing, after I cleaned my shorts, was that the D5's were shaking my floor. Hard. Scene just happened to be base rich and the volume was loud. I was frankly shocked with the low end. Clarity was great even though my ears were bleeding. Any long story, sorry. Try D5's. May be the best bang for hte buck out there and the veneers are first class.