Need an integrated for sensitive speakers - Help

I've just bought JMLab Chorus 706s.
I've been told that these are very sensitive speakers by the dealer. I need an amp to pair up with it.

BTW: Max power handling spec. is 75 watts.

I've been looking at:

Audio Refinement Complete
Musical Fidelity A3 or A300
Anthem Int-2

Any suggestions would help.
I have heard neither, but the Manley Stingray and Audiomat Arpege are both highly regarded.
Check on SfC-1, tube amp listed here for $800. If you like classical music, traditional jazz and blues SFC-1 would be my amp of choice. Good Luck!
I own the Audio Refinement currently. It's a nice piece. Very solid little amplifier. Fairly strong in the bass region. I actually just upgraded to a Pathos Classic One and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I would advise against the Anthem INT 2, I had this one also and did not care for it much. Sonically it was okay, but the volume pot was the worst I've ever seen, the remote was the same way. If neither of these two items bother you and you can find one for under 600, they're not bad. I can't speak on the musical fidelity pieces, but know they get a lot of praise from the reviewers.
bryston b60. clear midrange, great bass, 20 year warranty...60watts per set match....many being sold on audiogon...i have one myself. comes with remote. great reviews, former stereophile class b.loved it and hate to part with it.
The Creek 5350SE works excellent with the Chorus speaker you mention. A buddy of mine purchased the two together and they are an excellent musical pair.
What's your budget?

In transisters, try the Electrocompaniet.

In tubes, try the BAT 300x, it actually comes in a solid state version also.

These have power to spare and are extremly musical.
I second the Bryston B60. I had one and loved it, only sold it to upgrade to tube seperates. One thing, try to find one with upgraded jumpers, it makes a world of difference.
How about a Naim Nait ... low power output but very musical.
The Nait might not be a good candidate for sensitive speakers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not Naim-bashing. I own a Nait 3 and love it. But they aren't the quietest amps around, and I've read that the hiss is unbearable with speakers over ~93 dB sensitivity.

I had a Primare A10 that was wonderful - sweet, smooth AND quiet. Their stuff is worth a listen, if you can find it.
The 47Labs Gaincard and ARC's CA50 are quite nice. I've not heard but heard the Rogue integrated is pretty good too along with the Condrad Johnson.
I use an Antique Sound Lab MG-SI15DT single-ended integrated amp. It is the quietest amplifier I have ever encountered. With no music playing you can put your ear right up to the speaker and hear nothing but dead silence.
try the cairn 4808 class a sounds great for solid state .