Need advice: replace woofer of Harbeth

Just last weekend my amplifier blown (Exposure 2010s) with smoke and burned resistors on PCB(looks like a mini explosion inside). As a result, the woofer for one of my Harbeth compact 7ES3 is damaged. I have taken it out and confirmed dead. (open circuit and burned smell)

Called the canada distributor planet of Sound in Toronto, and the quote I got for a replacement woofer is $1050, with "free installation". I was shocked by that price considering I got it for 3k total. Wonder what's my option from here ? Where I may find a cheaper source of part? thanks for any advice.
Maybe look around eBay? Both US and UK sites.
You can buy direct from Harbeth. Very easy to replace. not soldering needed.
I think Roscoeii and Luna offer good advice. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that Harbeth makes the driver you need themselves, as opposed to an off the shelf solution. You also may want to give some dealers a call. Over time, a dealer ends up with all kinds of things. Shipping damage, extra parts, split up a pair for a center channel... You get the idea. I think you have a pretty good chance of finding something that way.
Thanks all for your advice. It looks like that the only way to get it fixed is to get the replacement from Harbeth. I'm discussing with Harbeth UK to see if it's possible to get from them directly.

Also there is a local speaker repair guy that can attempt to recoil the wire inside woofer. Does that worth a try ?
Even though the Radial driver is the crown jewel in the Harbeth crown, that replacement cost is obscene but then so is the newest MSR on 30.1 in Canada/US. I'd contact all Harbeth dealers in Canada/US one by one.
Agree that price is outrageous. I may try contacting other dealers in US but I think we are stuck with planet of sound in Canada or at least the east side.

Wonder if anyone has successfully ordered parts from Harbeth directly without the middle man ?

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Had the same thing happen with a pair of Rega RS 3's.
It's bendover time and they know it.Me, I'd just ask Madisound for some replacement woffers, I 'd rather burn them than take that screwing, but then I'm nuts.