need advice on speakers

I am interested in purchasing bookshelf sized speakers for my bonus room. This room is modest sized and I listen to music at low levels. I prefer warmth over bright, must have presence without being muddy. I listen to jazz, bluegrass, and acoustic (think Jerry Garcia and David Grisman). I have a Peachtree Decco amp and a Rotel CD player (both bought here on Audiogon)
Budget is under $750, would feel less guilt if around $500 

What do you recommend I consider? Is there anything listed on this site now that would fit the bill?

Thank you in advance for your help


Klipsch rpm 600 - great speaker for lower volumes and you get all the detail. Can be had under $600. 

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Wharfedale Denton 80ths or Diamond 225s.

PSB Alpha P5

JBL Studio 530

-All well regarded speakers. I bet the Alpha P5s are the most balanced. 

Thw JBLs are probably most dynamic and low-volume friendly. 
If you can find a pair of used Nola Boxers or Silverline Minuet Supremes I think you’ll be very happy.  Also a pair of Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2s with the Raal tweeter for a little over your budget that would also be great.  Best of luck. 
Check to see if Parts Connection or Music Direct is having a sale on Wharferdale or Monitor Audio. :)