Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy

Greetings and thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I am re-entering the vinyl world in my 60s, now that I have enough time to give to that approach and a little bit of money to spend on components that will help me to enjoy the music I like.

I am only wanting to spend in the neighborhood of $2,000 - $4,000. I realize that's a relatively small outlay, but I also gather that there are good options at almost every price point. Here is what I am contemplating - I would welcome comments. Am I missing something? Will these components "play well" together?

  • Schiit Ragnarok-2 integrated amplifier (fully-loaded)
  • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable 
  • Klipsch RP-600M speakers
  • Bose Quiet Comfort headphones (already own these and would use if I can)
I like a variety of music styles: classical, pop/rock, big band, jazz, a little blues and other. I am not a terribly demanding listener, but I think I can hear the difference between great sound and mediocre sound. My room is a currently open large rectangular "bonus room" upstairs in a new home. I can adapt (sub-divide, other) that room over time to improve sonics.

My first vinyl purchase is a set of the Franklin Mint "Greatest Jazz Recordings..." in, well, mint condition that I was able to get very inexpensively at an estate sale this past week. I will probably start picking up some of the re-issued Elvis Costello soon as well. 

What do you think? Thanks again.

Hi David,

That is a fine combination. I would not change a thing.
I agree. That would all work well together. My only concern are those speakers in an "open large rectangle". The Klipsch will be clear as a bell, but with only 15" box and 6.5" woofer, I feel you might end up feeling like you're missing some meat. With your budget, I'd be apt to look at some floorstanding speakers and really fill out the sound, like KLH Model 5 or Wharfedale Linton or something with a bigger woofer.
I like your choices.

You might/probably will upgrade your speakers after a while, so, I suggest you look on eBay, save some money now, make it easier to get most of their cost back if you move up.

new, open box, used ...

Avoid buying records from Franklin Mint.
Are the speakers and amp a good match power/sensitivity/impedance wise?

klipsch are bright 
I’m a Jazz fan and using Elac 2.0/6.2 set and a set of EPOS Epic 2 speakers- Just got
Peachtree Nova 150 - unreal match 
I got lucky but did my homework 
call the amplifier manufacturer and ask about speakers compatibility 
I would get a pair of Elac ub52 over the Klipsch unless you are into a horny sound. Watch NRD youtube.
Never heard a Klipsch that didn't fry my ears, The Wharfedale Linton's were so laid back I thought they had fallen over. Of all speakers mention I found Elac's a trifle bright but OK if matched well. If you really like the Klipsch and I know people do  I would suggest Rega Planar 3 turntable with Rega Brio amplifier , better still Rega Elex R would be well worth a listen. If you are listening in close consider Kef IS50's rather than Klipsch, your ears will love you for it.
I tend to agree regarding the ELAC suggestions. I do however, think that you will soon find that the "weak link in the chain" is the PRO-JECT turntable. And of course the cartridge that the PRO-JECT tables usually come supplied with.  And if you are going to be playing a lot of vinyl, for God sake man, get a decent record cleaning "MACHINE". It will make all the difference in the world.  There is one factor that you didn't mention on your component list.  That being "CABLES".? After spending 50 years living with hundreds of audio components and especially cables, I have made several eye opening discoveries in this area. And it doesn't have to mean going out and throw a lot of money at them. If you are interested in further information on this subject, go to lance.c.laws@gmail.com and I will reply.  In the meantime, have fun.
Check out Steve Gutenberg on YouTube, he’s recommended systems at different price points, I think he has one in the 2 to 4 thousand dollar range.

Happy Hunting 
I like your choices as well. While some Klipsch speakers may be bright for some, the RP-600M many positive reviews indicate otherwise - they would have revealed if it was bright. I’m pretty impressed on your well thought out choices to meet your budget- good job.

Elac is also a very high value choice designed by guru speaker designer “Andrew Jones is Vice President of Engineering for ELAC America. During his illustrious career in hi-fi, he has designed speakers at KEF, Infinity, Pioneer, and Technical Audio Devices. Many audiophiles consider his $80,000 TAD Reference One to be one of the greatest speakers ever made.”
Hi David.
You should listen listen listen to components you are considering, preferably together if this can be arranged and in your room (I know the latter will be difficult at your price point).

You will have them for a number of years at least so it's essential you know them and like them before you buy.

However much knowledge and good advice there is here, members have their own ears and tastes, not yours.
I believe Big Band and Classical especially are going to be a challenge for that cartridge - lots of instruments to parse out. Consider upgrading when able. The Denon 103 is a good choice, but you would need a SUT. A Hana SH may be a good choice. I use a Hana mono SL with a lot of Big Band and it does the trick. 
Any box speaker distorts sound.  Try out the least expensive Magnepan speakers before writing a check.

Add a REL sub and don’t look back!
Buying hi fi equipment always entails some risk. Even if you audition items, speakers in particular are going to sound different at home.
Most of us who have been at this for 50+ years have purchased equipment we regretted. Eventually, you learn what you like and hopefully why, but early on it is not quite a crap shoot, but close.
Much good advice here, most of it skirting the personal preference trap. Best if you can audition what you think you'll like in your own listening environment before you commit.

I have one bone to pick, however. The Pro-Ject turntable did get lots of rave reviews, but none of them mention the problems I experienced. I owned a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and sold it within two months for reasons that don't depend on personal taste. The suspension system that was intended to isolate drive motor vibrations from the plinth was, frankly, stupidly designed. The motor "floated" free of the plinth (good idea...), but as a result, the drive belt tension tended to lean the motor capstan toward the platter, which affected the accuracy of the rotation speed. So Pro-Ject just bolted the floating motor assembly to the plinth at three points, insulating each with simple rubber washers. That solved the lean problem, but obviously defeated the vibration isolation of the floating motor! The damn thing made a hum I was never able to completely eliminate. And I tried the many suggestions I found online from frustrated owners who had the very same problem. Maybe Pro-Ject has changed this design with the "EVO," I don't know, but that they would ever have marketed such a self-defeating strategy for vibration isolation is worrisome. And that was not the only design flaw. I'll mention just two others. The tonearm stand was clunky and too high, so that one had to move the tonearm not just laterally but also vertically in order to return it to rest. And the cue lever was extremely inaccurate; raising or lowering the tonearm always moved it away from the target groove.

I've owned Thorens, Linn, AR, Lenco, Gerrard and Pro-Ject turntables, all of them manual. But I replaced the idiotic Pro-Ject with an old Dennon automatic turntable (DP-37F) that is a thing of beauty. Besides tracking flawlessly, it mates well with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, looks great, and plays vinyl with Red Book-beating clarity, dimension, and even grace. And I got it (used) for less than the Pro-Ject costs new.
Technics w best Ortofon you can afford
I have the RP-600M's and they are fantastic speakers....The turntable should be the U-Turn Audio ( made in MA.) with the Ortofon Blue cartridge. The RED comes standard but the Blue ( $100) upgrade is twice the sound quality....
This is all welcome advice, and I am grateful. I did check in with Schiit, and they like the package as well, but they did mention that a phono pre-amp might be needed. And from what I can tell, the Pro-Ject would require that. So that's another issue/cost.

But I am inclined, based on comments so far, to stick with the Ragnarok-2 and then select a different turntable with a pre-amp built in and an Ortofon cartridge.

And I might switch from the Klipsch to the Elac speakers - still thinking about that.

Additional clarification from Schiit: with "fully-loaded" Ragnarok-2 and an MM cartridge (like the Ortofon Blue), a phono preamp would not be needed. That would lower the cost of the U-Turn Audio option, for example.
The Ragnarok-2, Elac UB52 (on sale now at $455), and U-Turn/Ortofon Blue combination would come in at $2,790. That would be pretty amazing if you all think it works well.
Another thought on speakers ( even though my RP600M's punch WAY above their price point and literally disappear when listening....is the new Tekton Troubador...Really unique looking and Jay's fav @ $1000 a pr. Also the Lore Referance on sale at $825 a pr. ...I own Tekton Pendragons and Cannot believe you get That much Music out of them for the amt. they cost. Check out those new Troubadors OR you can't go wrong with the Klipsch. www.tektondesign.com 
Second the KLH 5's. See if you can give a listen to them.
The KLH 5s would blow my budget, wouldn't they?
Rega Planar 1 is in your budget.  
Don’t buy the klipsch....instead, buy the wharfedale diamond 225’s at music direct for only $299....they were originally $449. You will be much happier and the bass is much better than the klipsch. Read the stereophile review and absolute sound review....there are many other reviews, but those two magazines gave the 225’s a budget component of the year award on 2017. On fact, your schiit integrated was used by Herb Reichert in part of the review of the 225’s. The turntable is pretty nice for the money...although I'd prefer to buy the pro-ject the classic....better looking in my opinion.
Have you considered buying gently used equipment your money will go twice as far. I've constructed a great system using this site and Usaudiomart for all my equipment. Most sellers are willing to negotiate price and if you can find local auditions are usually welcomed.
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I would suggest KEF LS50 also. They could grow with the addition of a sub in the future and you wouldn't have to look back.
Suggest the following along with a pair of speakers that keeps you within budget -

Rogue Audio Sphinx V3 - $1695
Mofi Studiodeck Foundation - $1099

The RP-600m at Klipsch's new price is overpriced IMHO, and I own a pair.

I would look at ELAC's DBR-62 (I also own ELACs, but not the reference).

You may want to consider the used market fr speakers.  You can either save a few bucks, or spend your budget and get better speakers.

Those small speakers may get lost in a big room, but you said you could use panels or something to divide up the room.

As an option against the Schiit look at Outlaw Audio's RR2160MkII
Richopp: I was thinking the same thing.  Magnepan LRS and a decent sub. Golden....
I bought those Klipsch as a special gift for a friend.  I built him a tube amp and the Klipsch went with it.  They sounded glorious.  

I owned Wharfedale Lintons (saw those mentioned above) and Kef LS50s.  Both great speakers too.  

You are on the right track.  The only area of your proposal that would give me some hesitation would be the turntable as I haven't used it.  

You may want to private message folks who offer a strong opinion against something--asking them if they heard it and with what components.  

If you really want to get into vinyl, plan on getting (at some point) a legitimate phono preamp and a decent cartridge.  Those two things, even with a basic table, can help elevate you to a good place. 

Best of luck!  Enjoy the ride. 
Current thinking:

Ragnarok-2 fully loaded
Rega Planar 1 Plus (integrated phono preamp)
KEF LS50 Meta

This would take me to the top of my $4K budget. I would plan/hope to add the KEF KC62 sub later. As well as perhaps a cartridge upgrade to the Rega.

I’m not sure that I REALLY want to spend this much, but this feels like a good landing place based on everything I have read here.

Am I overthinking it at this point? Several have said original combo was just fine. But I'm responding to some opposition to the Pro-Ject turntable and also heeding what I hear/read about speakers being a place to put emphasis. Do the KEF ($1,600) merit the additional expense over Klipsch ($770) or Elac ($455!)?
UPDATE: I bit the bullet and went with the above package (Ragnarok-2 fully loaded, Rega Planar 1 Plus, and the KEF LS50 Meta speakers). Thanks to all who provided education and advice - I am in your debt. 

The Elac 2.0/6.2 is not that efficient 

87dBSPL and 6 ohms sound terrific with the Peachtree Nova 150 since it does generate about 200 watts/ ch at 6 ohms! - 250 watts at 4 ohms!

no need for a sub either!

It sounds great !