Need advice

I am looking to add a dac/preamp to a system in my office. Room size 10X12.
My Budget is 1,500.00
Current system :
Wharfedale Jade 3 speakers
Parasound HCA 1500 amp.
Pioneer mixer temporary duty as a pre-amp.
Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2
Numprime Dac 10
Nuprime Dac 9 and STA 9 power amp. (sell Parasound)
Jolida Fusion preamp/DAC
Source  - anythong I can pull from my laptop.
Musical taste
Classics, Jazz, Soulful House Music

I would appreciate guidance from your more experienced ears.
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Which dac/preamp? 
What kind of files are you playing? CD rips? HI-Res? DSD?

If DSD is not on your roadmap, then I would definitely listen to one of Schiit's multibit DACs and compare it to one of the DACs you've listed. 
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Mytek 192 DSD DAC/preamp and excellent headphone amp.
Same applies to Grace M901.
Both DACs/Preamps offer true balanced output.
Hi rez files for now. 
I had an extensive collection of LPs and CDs however 3 divorces took care of those. So for now the sane way to me to rebuild my collection is through computer audio. 

I recently retired so I have a lot more leisure time to spend with my hobbies.  I would love to compare electronics but here in Miami there are few dealers. 

 I greatly appreciate the suggestions and advise.
Be well
The Parasound Z DAC v2 is pretty nice, and just went on sale somewhere (Music Direct? Audio Advisor?) for $299 or something.  Sounds far better than it's price range.

The Mytek Stereo 192 DSD is half off thanks to being discontinued, but never heard it.

The Schiit is also very nice and I have heard it.

By the way, the Wharferdale's use very nice tweeters, but not so good tweeter caps, worth upgrading them to Mundorf MKP's. ($8 each).
2nd the Schiit Dac's. Not only great, but at a great price.
I went to their web site. It appears there is no preamp functionality to this dac.

Sorry, no I don't think the Sschiits have preamps, but the price is so low you can add one. :)

The Mytek's and I think Parasound ZDac does.
There's a grace m920 on sale for five more hours on massdrop for 1399 which would be perfect. No conflicts of interest. John marks recommends it.
I missed that price. dam it. 
Anyway I have been intrigued by the Nuprime Dacs (9,10) . I wonder how their amps would drive my Jade 3's?  They are so dam inefficient.  Has anyone heard the amps? 
I read  a good review on the ST9.
The Mytek Stereo 192 is like $1k right now direct.

Schiit does make preamps (SYS)and an integrated amp (Raganarok), which I will probably end up buying. They also have a 30 day trial period, which isn't bad for the price.
buy an audioengine d1 for $170 as well as a more expensive option. Return the one that you don't want. Don't put too much faith in professional dac reviews. They are terribly subjective. 
  Teac UD-301
Saw Some good buzz on the Gustard X20 Dac.  Any experience?  I wonder about the preamp controls? Priced very well.