Name That CD Player

I used to own one some time ago and was thinking of hunting down another used one but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the company that manufactured it. It was big, black, and I think I remember it having gold lettering. It had a decent weight of at least 50 lbs. It was solid state with top loading mechanism with a sliding lid. It came on to the scene around 2005 or maybe earlier. A lot of people also said it made a good transport due to the build quality. Original retail price... I want to say around $5k or $7k. The company also made a dac and amps (all solid state) with the same coloring theme. Does anyone out there know the brand and model of this cd player?
CEC makes transports like this. I have a TL2 that looks like this.

Also MBL makes units like that.
Electrocompaniet EMC
Sony scd777es?
Audiomeca Mephisto?
A 50 pound CD player?
Must be stuffed with lead bars...
Grannyring got it. That is the one! Thank you. I had a heck of a time trying to remember.
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Well I am thrilled! What prize do I get?

Happy we were able to help you.