Naim: Integrated & CDP vs. Creek : Int & CDP

I am considering these two contenders for a bedroom system.
The Naim would be the Nait 5I / CD 51 CDP vs. the Creek classic 5350 integrated/ classic CD50 II CDP. The difference in power between the two integrateds are probably a non issue as I will pair either integrated with
an effecient monitor like a small Proac or the like.
The Naim is rated at 50 WPC vs. the 90 WPC for the Creek.
I hope to enjoy this system in a similar way that I enjoy my reference tube based system. It will be much about emotional connecton here, as I will not be listening loud
and will probably be just chillin in bed most of the time.
I would like having the headphone jack that the stock
Creek 5350 has, but do not want to let it influence which Amp/ CDP combo I prefer.
Other like products in the running:
The last few issues of the Absolute sound dont help alot
as they have reviewed many of these and say they are all
ground breaking at their price points. I guess theyre all paying up front for their advertising. Thanks in advance for all your previous help and in advance for your future advice.
Hard to imagine going wrong with either.
I have both Creek and Naim systems. Creek Destiny amp, and a Nait 5i. Each is very easy to like, warm and rythmic. Naim is faster, sharper cutoff with the notes, very exciting. Creek is fast, but leans a little to the more lush, laid back side. Both will keep you feet tapping. Creek has more features and inputs, including 2 pairs of speaker terminals. Don't know if the New Creek Classic which is replacement for 5350 has pre-outs or not. Naim does not. Nait 5i does have a home theater pass through, which is nice if you ever want to use it with a receiver or processor.
Arcam is the only one out of the others I would consider, but would not choose.
Rotel and Cambridge are not in the same league IMO.
the creek is the ticket here. or the arcam as recommended above. the whole prat schtick is cool, but tone and weight, as well as the soundstage, would lead you to creek. still a giant killer for the money.
Thanks to all thus far. Mmm- maybe a plunge in to the Creek, which is not terrible as it is not cool or dry.
First, lets make things a little more interesting by adding
another contender. The Primare, which offers the I21 at the 5350SE price point. The Cayin is also interesting, but I just dont want to worry about having to shut it down before I shut down.
I can't make a direct comparison of the Nait 5i and Creek 5350, but I can tell you that the Nait 5i, which I own and use in my main system, is an extremely satisfying, musical piece of gear. I've been through a lot of amps, tube and solid-state, and the Nait 5i combines the virtues of both. In a second system, I use a Creek 4330 -- a superb little amp for the money. The Nait 5i is better, but if for some reason I had to live without the Nait, the little Creek would prove more than satisfactory. I guess my point is, either way you can't go wrong, and in the end it might come down to which is the better match with your speakers.
I am leaning heavily toward the Creek at this point, more so the Integrated than the CDP. I may even jump to the Destiny. I would now like to consider the speaker to mate
with the Creek. I am looking for a natural sound with warmth and texture. The Harbeth 7ES is one that I am considering. It is certainly suppose to have that out of the box sound, but how might it mate and sound with the 5350/Destiny.
I had the opprtunity to listen for a period of the time Harbeth Compact 7es2 + Nait 5i + CD5i. Its a very musical system. I'm contemplating of using these for a 2nd system but nonetheless its certainly satisfying & even worth replacing my main system.
The other speakers I have considered are Proac, Merlin Tsm,
and Spendor. I am worried that the aluminum tweeter in the Harbeth may prove a bit forward in the long run. My thought is the warmer Creek may balance this out with the
the Harbeth. FWIW I have an aluminum tweeter in my Vandy 5A, and it is just fine. I guess implementation does mean alot. C mon guys, jump in on this one. I know who knows.
the smaller studio series or even the floorstanders would work with the Nait 5i. the TSM would not work with the Nait 5i.
the harbeth and the Nait 5i is very synergistic, its not at all harsh. Its very musical.
The Nait 5i works also well with the warmish sounding spendors.
the destiny and harbeth are close the perfect. you could spend for more and get far less.