Creek 4330 with Arcam P38

I am trying to decide what to do with $1200 or so I have for budgeted for stereo upgrade this year.

I have a Creek 4330 integrated amp with Rotel RCD-02 CD player and Wavelength Proton USB DAC. My speakers are JM Lab Micron Carat and one recently lost a woofer. My options are:
1.)repair Micron Carat and add the P38
2.)get new speakers (current top choices are either Focal Chorus 807V, PSB Imagine B, Revel M12 or Vandersteen 1Ci.

What would be the main benefits of going with option 1?
My thoughts are that it would enable me to bi-amp the micron carats but I don't know what the real world affects of that would be.

I'd have more power available for other future speakers, likely budget for them would be somewhere around $2k max probably.

There may be other things I'm not thinking about. So would it be worth it to buy the P38?