Tara Labs One/ 0.8 vs Siltech LS-188/Eskay Creek

Has anyone compared Tara Labs The One or 0.8 speaker cables versus Siltech LS-188 Mk II or Eskay Creek which are G6 formulations. They are comparable in price range between $4,000 to $6,500.

The equipment I am going to connect these speaker cables in between are:

Dynaudio Evidende Temptation speakers
MBL9007 mono power amp

I currently use Cardas Golden Reference which I am sure I can improve with the above cables listed. Just don't know which one to go with. Any help from members appreciated.
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I have used Tara Lab " the one" and now using Siltech Eskay
speaker cables.

But not using them for head-to-head comparison, as in-between , I upgrade from THE ONE to Venture Ultimate Ref.
then later Esaky. But so far in my past experience, accroding
to my system
canary Dual Mono Block CA803 Tube Pre-AMP
canary Mono Block P-P 300B Power_amp
Wadia 861 CD
CSE sine-Wave Power Reformer etc......
XLo L.Ed. RCA as well as L.Ed.Balanced interconnects.
previously driving Mezzo Utopia
2004 changed to Parsifal Encore ( till now ) with Siltech G6 Emperor Jumpers
"the One is more like a Rock Star performing in a Nice
Arena while Eskay is like you are sitting in front of
those musicians inside the Palace-hall with Flowers / plants seen
just outsdie the windows " Perhaps this is also partially influenced by the difference between Mezzo Utopia
and Parsifal, but not just me, friends of mine described
as such. P.S. Price difference also a factor.
Many perople critising Siltech as " not natural , a little coloured " but "pleasing & tasty " is not a problem, as one is paying to get something pleasing himself.

the two is completely two different things.

LS-188 I have no experience.
Venture Utimate Ref. ( I am still keeping ) is something
just in-between them.