Naim CD5i a decent upgrade?

Hello everyone,

My current system right now consists of the Portal Audio Panache integrated amplifier, Primare D20 cd player, and Vienna Acoustics Bach speakers.

The system sounds great... But I feel like this CD player is just missing something. I don't know what it is really. The music sounds detailed, with a great sound stage, and no digital harshness. The CD player was a definite upgrade from my old Arcam, but I feel like it is not very musical. How would I describe this?

Anyway, I am on a college budget and was looking at the Naim CD5i. Would this complement my system and give me some more musical characteristics?

Any help would be appreciated.
The Naim would sound different - more drive and bounce, less polish and detail. Up to you whether that sounds better...

PS - your college budget is different than mine was :-)
Naim is highly musical and will be an upgrade
I had a Primare CD31 for a while and thought it was very good despite the bass being a bit sluggish. If changing brands is ok, I recommend an Audio Aero Prima mk2. There is a silver one for sale here now, just like mine, and I think it is the best CD player you can buy in this price range.

I've had 12 CD players so far and know the 5i well. The 5i compared to the Prima seems to lack liquidity and resolve, which translates into less musicality. The Prima is an incredible buy - vacuum tubes are where it's at if you want to hear real music from a CD player...IMHO.

See my system page for lots more info on these and many others.

the primaire is the better player. i think you're fine.
knownothing, my college budget is pretty lackluster too. I have been putting this system together for about 6 years. It has gone through numerous changes; including amps, speakrs, cd player, etc. Through my trading, buying, and selling, I have finally reached this system. hah.

Jaybo, would you mind ellaborating on your comments about the Primare being the better player? Have you compared the Primare to any other cd players?

I will definitely check out the Prima.
If the Primare has digital out, buy a Benchmark DAC -- it's better than the Naim, in my experience. (I owned both simultaneously for a while. I still have the Benchmark.)
i have compared the primaire to a naim cd2, cd3(which i owned) and cd5i (which i auditioned). i wound up getting 'out' of naim cd players afterword. the primaire...pardon this overused description..was less 'in your face'....more like a revox or electrocompaniet.
I'm gonna jump on the "Naim CD is not what the cult thinks it is" bandwagon today. I love the company. I've owned MANY of their products over a 20 year period. The Naim ARO tonearm, TT power supply and 250 amp are truly spectacular products. Their CD player line-up seems to get all the great press though. Having owned 5i, CDX, CDX2 and having heard at a friend's apartment the top-of-the-line Naim CD player, I keep coming back to the same impression. Really tuneful, incisive and even fun. But...way to relentless/in-your-face to listen to for long periods of time.
Perhaps the naim might not be the upgrade I was looking for... It sounds like maybe my Primare needs more credit than I am giving it.
I do suggest checking out the CD-5i v2 cd player from NAIM. Check out some other posts on this player on Audiogon. I feel it is the best value in HI-FI. Very different from the original 5i. Another Agoner pointed me in this direction. I think it is very listenable.
I have owned quite a few players in the $2000-$4000 range.