Nagra Classic Integrated Amp?

I'm thinking of getting a Nagra Classic Integrated and would appreciate hearing from anyone who's had experience with one.  I would driving a pair of Dynaudio C1 Platinums near field  in a smallish room.
Opinions? Suggestions?
dont know the nagra cost but agostino has a new 18k integrated to start shipping next week. just a thought
The seperate is much better. You can get most of Nagra house sound, which is very natural, smooth, but powerful and defined by simply adding the Classic preamp into the chain. I heard Nagra pre with Bryston amplification of all things and it was amazing.

Plus I think the Nagra Classic preamp is better engineered than either the classic integrated or the classic amp. However the classic amp is much better than the integrated.
I haven't their integrated  gear but I did have their VPA 50 watt mono's and matching DC powered PLP for a few years, very smooth neutral sounding gear and the craftsmen ship is outstanding. Must have been out of my mind for selling!

I recently acquired a Nagra 300p power amp from a gentlemen who replaced it with the Classic power amp. I had the chance to audition his system Classic power amp and Jazz tube pre and it sounded fantastic! In my main system I'm using a Goldmund Telos 280 power amp (when not using the Nagra 300p) with the Nagra Jazz and that's a pretty nice combination too :)
I have owned both the Nagra 300b integrated and the Nagra Classic Integrated. The Classic Integrated is terrific, class A on the lower part of the dial, very nice. To be clear, the amp section of the integrated and the classic amp are identical and all Nagra are engineered to the same standards, quite high.