NAD since the 3020/7020

I have a question. First some background. I have owned amps preamps integrateds ect from NAD, Rotel,HK, Plinius, BelCanto and so on. I recently have had to downgrade so to speak for finacial reasons so I pulled my NAD 7020 off a closet shelf and hooked it up in the main system ($700 worth of cables on a $330 receiver) and was stunned by the sound. I bought this a few years ago to just have one becuase I had it among many other things in college and even though I moved on the sound I would always remember. . The sound is so solid and 3D . Just plain real sounding. Voices sound so real. Musical may be the best word to describe it. I have owned other NAD items. I tried it agianst a 3140 several years ago and the 3140 sounded more laidback and boring. I have also owned NAD 1300 with the 2600, 7400 receiver and 7600 receiver (very nice) but never compared them as I did not have the 7020 at the time. After all that here is the question. Has NAD made anything since the 3020/7020 that sounds like them??? Any help or experience would be nice. Thanks,keith
Been told by dealers that the 30th anniversary edition integrated 320BEE (50wpc) or whatever it is, is a very good piece and harkens back to the days of yore for musicality. Other than that, it's a crap shoot as the line has changed hands several times since the late 70s.
As I write this I am listening to my trusty NAD 7020. I had it around the house but set it up in my bedroom after selling off some higher priced equipment that I had in my bedroom to use the funds for upgrading my main system. I have also had other products from NAD- an older 7175PE, and the newer c320bee and c355bee. To my ears the newer ones have more muscle and umphh but not the more natural sounding detail of my older 7020. Keep in mind that I am using the 7020 for lower volume, nearfield listening.
Thanks, How would you compare the 320 to the 355?? keith
The 355 has noticeably more power and is a bit more refined.
Does either one remind you of the 7020 at all??? How do you think the 355 would compare to the 370 or 372?? I just picked up a used NAD 3400 form the Monitor Series. I have had othe monitor Series items over the years but this integrated is nice. We compared it tonight to a Rotel 995 preamp and 990 power amp and it was much easier to listen to the NAD . Voices were almost spot on.The Rotel stuff is great but a little bright and etched. I wonder how the 3400 compares to the current NAD stuff. I have heard it said that the monitor stuff was some of NADs best efforts. keith