Since Krell 302e & Cary SPL-05 have (gain/imp issues) what tube pre is best w/ the krell?

Looking SS enhanced sounstage,bass slam plus the warmth of tubes.

I would actually look at the Krell 202 or 222 preamps (even an older Krell KAV-280p is nice, but doesn't have the power supply of the 202/22).  The Krell's bipolar Class A gain circuits give you a nice sweet sound but still have the slam/punch/immediacy.  I would avoid the Krell Phantom preamp as I think they are overpriced and there's nothing much in them (even KAV-280p is better in my opinion).

You could look at some of the Pass Labs preamps.  They are Class A and use JFET/MOSFET gain circuits instead of bipolar.  This may give you more of a richness in the sound (not that Krell would be lacking warmth), but keep in mind that not all FET circuits are created equal.  I have not heard Pass Labs, so I could not comment.

Eric is a fan of Ayre, but I have no idea what that sounds like.

Thank you...Just spoke to some people about Pruma-Luna Dialog pre.
Or Prima-Luna pre and power amp.  Just not sure of how that would sound, and how they would drive Celestion A3 speakers, w/ are very power hungry.
BAT tube preamp with BAT ss amp. Big powerful sound i think your looking for.  
What gain/impedance issue? Impedance looks fine, the output impedance of the SLP-05 is 400 ohms, while the input impedance of the 302e is 100Kohm SE and 200Kohm balanced. No issue at all there.
The Cary gain of 17 dB single ended and 24 dB balanced is a tad on the high side balanced, it still should work fine. 
You can certainly find preamps with less gain, though they will have different sonic signature from the Cary as well.

I would think that you would be better suited by how the preamp/amp sound together then by worrying about how they look next to each other on a spec sheet. I understand impedance matching, to a point, that is no concern in your case. Gain can be adjusted by attenuators, like those available from Rothwell.  
What gain/impedance issue?
John (Jmcgrogan2), see my posts in this thread.

There is no issue with gain, although the gain specs of the SLP-05 are very inconsistent with John Atkinson’s measurements. As is the output impedance spec, potentially with greater significance. However as I said that thread:
In themselves none of these things should matter with the Krell amps that have been mentioned, given their very high 100K unbalanced and 200K balanced input impedances, and their moderate specified gains of about 25.5 db. However after noting some oddities in the measurements JA concluded by saying:
Though it has some anomalies, such as being happier with 10k ohm loads than with 100k ohms, the Cary SLP 05 offers respectable measured performance from its unbalanced jacks. I was a little disappointed with its behavior in balanced mode, however.
Which is not to say necessarily that the combo wouldn’t work well together, but it seems to me that there is cause for concern.

Best regards,
-- Al

Thanks Al, you teach me something new everyday!
It seems odd to me that a preamp would find a 10K load easier than a 100K load. Strange indeed.

I notice that the gain numbers in the measurements seem to be very different from not only the gain numbers at that time, but also the gain numbers posted on the Cary website today for the SLP-05. Whereas Stereophile measured 15.3/13.8 dB SE/BAL, the Cary website today has the gain as 17/24 dB SE/BAL (16/12 dB SE/BAL declared by Cary at the time of the review 10 years ago).

Makes one wonder if the SLP-05 today sounds anything like the one auditioned by Art Dudley over 10 years ago.

I have a Cary SLP-05. I've used it with over 20 different amps. Never an issue. Worked great with them all. Sounds absolutely DEVASTATING. I've heard many of the big tickets preamps. It's as good as any, and in some ways better. It is an total steal, and competes, or sometimes beats 20-30k preamps.

I have never read a bad review of the Cary SLP-05.  It is liked by many, many Audiophiles.
Well I disagree with a prior comment concerning ' avoiding the Krell Phantom as being overpriced'. My personal experience is that it's a phenomenal pre with build quality and cosmetics commensurate with its price in this crazy audio world. Most of the high end gear appears to be overpriced to me..Obviously you would have to buy it used as now discontinued. There's one listed on AGON for 10k. I bought mine on the advice of a head Agostino guy(prior Krell Sr mgt) saying the two box Phanthom was something very special. I'm using mine with a Momentum stereo amp to great effect. One caveat. I'm assuming the criticism from the prior post was about the two box Phantom. Just my biased opinion of course. 

FWIW, I used a Krell FPB 200c with an SLP 05 with no problems at all. I did not have the capacitor jumpers on the amp side for use with a tube preamp engaged at all.

It worked fine and sonically added some midrange fullness and body.

I think you should be fine using the SLP 05 with the 302e

@4425 - well, I probably should have been more concise.  When I say "Krell Phantom", most of the time I am seeing Krell Phantom III preamps.  This particular model may sound good, but I think it's somewhat trim on the internals:$_1.JPG

I suppose it's not too terribly expensive, but at $3k+, I might think it's worth it to bite the bullet for a 222.  The Krell Phantom (with separate power supply) and Phantom II preamps look really good, but they are also expensive (akin to the 222/202 models).

If your looking for bass slam, make sure you get a really beefy power supply.  It's been my experience that the Krells with smaller power supplies can be somewhat light on bass (and more forward in the mids/highs).

auxinput. I figured you were talking about the less expensive models. I don't know anything about them.