My wifes birthday present - a turntable


Hope you are all well :)

I crossed 50 years two weeks ago and I received a birthday present from my wife beyond dreams - a Brinkmann LaGrange!

I will receive the turntable over the week end. Its early days so I have to look for tonearms. This is a two arm version, so I wonder if I should buy a reasoanble arm first - and go for the ultimate one when I have the money.

Ortofon has some nice tonearms for approx. USD 2K in Norway. The arm of the dreams would be Graham Phantom II. How do you think this arm will suit the Brinkmann?

I have ordered the wall mounted stand, but Brinkmann also reccommend to use an silotaion base underneath the table. I have been reccommended the M3X Isolation Base from HRS. Any experiences?

I will keep you updated. A new era has begun :)

Cheeers and thanks, Toffen
You have a wonderful wife, cherish her. Happy 50th!


Reminds me of the time my wife said: "We should take equity out of the house and build a dedicated sound room behind the garage." I didn't take her up on the offer, but I considered myself lucky to be married to someone so interested in my happiness.

Enjoy it.

I'd like to write a story about it and publish it!
Take another wife like the one you have - she will get you the right tonearm and other auxillary audiophile stuff for your 51st.
Happy birthday.
You are a lucky who has a wife that understands your passion for music. I am very lucky too.
Does she have a twin sister?Sounds like you have a great wife, hopefully she will listen with you. The fifties are great, happy birthday. Scott
Yu are trice blessed.

1) It seems your wife cares about your hobbies
2) Your wife actually knows what a good TT is
3) Your are rich enough to afford a Brinkmann LaGrange.
Watch out, there seems to be serious mental instability in your household that will place both of you in the poor house. Enjoy.
I got mine a record cleaner and a whole bunch of old LPs. Didn't go over well.


She bought it second hand from London, and everything looks just fine. At the moment you can get great deals on craiglist over there. Amazing really.

So the next move is the tonearm, riaa and pickup. I think I have to buy these :)

Any experiences with Ortofon or Graham Phantom II for this turntable?

Rest of my equipment are Burmester amp, Burmester 061 cd player, Revox B77Mk2 reel to reel player and Wilson Sophia 2 speakers.

Cheeers and thanks to all,

Dear Toffeng, I am glad for you but you have no idea what
you are doing to us. A pair of socks is what I usualy expect for my birthday.

Nothing is free. The cost of her future birthdays, anniversarys, and holidays has entered a new realm.
agree with lloydc...if it looks too good to be true...yada yada....enjoy your record collection.
Come on, guys, the man got a great turntable; let's spare him all this other stuff. He asked about particular tonearms and he prefers clear dynamic sound, so tell him something about those and other arms.I have no idea.
I'm not saying Toffen isn't a lucky guy. He is.
Actually the Brinkmann 12 and 10.5 Tonearms mate very well with the la grange. Also the ti cartridge brings a nice synergy to the combination.
I agree with Chosenhandle reg. Brinkmann but this means that the Breuer 8 from which Brinkmann is 'deduced' will be
also the 'dream choice'. Assuming that you are not yet in
the situation to afford them I would recommend an second hand Triplanar VII.

I got my wife a motor upgrade for her turntable for our anniversary a couple of years ago. She was thrilled. Still talks about it. She is definitely a keeper.

Just to tell you that she paid USD 4,000 for the turntable. Not that bad at all. A bargain really.

So we are both looking forward to rigging it :)

Cheeers, Toffen