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Please help my 804s tweeters are not working
Make sure the bowie jumpers are installed correctly. 
My wifes birthday present - a turntable
Does she have a twin sister?Sounds like you have a great wife, hopefully she will listen with you. The fifties are great, happy birthday. Scott 
Can Interconnects be converted to speaker cables
MIT makes a product that will do what you want.Give them a call. I think they call it onewire. 
Wilsons sound OK and other revelations from Sea.
Great report, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. 
Lemo phono connector
Check with Straight Wire. They can make it quickly and affordably. 
Help w/ Proton 300/301 Table Radio Glitch?
Try another cd player and make sure plugged into tape in on Proton. 
"Internet Radio" Suggestions Please?
Sensual Music
John Klemmers Touch. 
Rega TT Dust Cover Vibration
Try Blu Tac on the 2 corners of the dust cover where it meets the base. 
What one product has redefined music for you??
The Apogee Apogee. 
No sound and red power light on NAD C372
Check if speaker a or b is engaged. Also , does it have jumpers in back of unit connecting pre i and pre out? Good luck. Also make sure tape monitor button isnt over riding input button. 
What do you do with all those CD's??
I have a Billy Bags that holds 1000 cds. Looks good and makes it easy to see all discs. Good luck on your quest. 
Will a NAD C720BEE drive Quad 63's?
It will do fine. Dont think NAD has a bigger stereo brother. 
Does the Linn 'green paper' seem questionable?
I have used it since the 80s with good luck.Remember, its a diamond you are cleaning,so its tuff enuff. 
Best prices on New Release 180 & 200 gram vinyl
Music Direct