My Rethm Maarga Speaker Purchase

Hello All – I recently purchased a new pair of Rethm Maarga speakers from a NY audio retailer and wanted to describe my purchase experience. I am not a reviewer – just an individual who enjoys audio and good music reproduction.

First and foremost, I am most pleased with the Maarga sound quality. I wanted to experience a high-efficiency, full range driver-style speaker. Good bass extension was also a quality that I desired. Those criteria ultimately led me to the Maarga which handles the low frequencies with an active bass module. To my ears the Maargas are dynamic, image well, have good bass authority, appear seem-less between the bass and full range driver, play as loud as I desire, and present themselves in a tidy package. I cannot detect any “shout” and the high frequencies seem all there to me (I do have some confirmed hearing deficit at the high frequencies, but still).

Now, when I first installed the speakers in my system and turned them on the left channel bass module emitted what I would describe as a 60-hz hum with audible feedback if I turned the level control too high. I immediately checked for a ground loop and ultimately eliminated that as the cause. The left channel hummed (volume dependent) even with all the other components turned off.

My retailer put Jacob George of Rethm in contact with me and his technician Prabhu instructed me how to check for a loose contact in the amplifier section. No luck. When all the obvious solutions were expended, Jacob quickly suggested that I reach out to a local technician of my choice and that Rethm would reimburse me for the cost of the repair. This is what I did.

It turns out one of the bass drivers was shorted (not blown, just shorted) and the hum I heard was really the amplifier oscillating. A new driver was promptly delivered by Rethm, installed, and my left channel plays splendidly now. I received prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous customer support from Jacob and Rethm during the diagnostic and repair period. I have chalked up the problematic driver as just one of those things. All in all, I remain very pleased with my Maarga purchase despite the initial setback and would make the same purchase decision again.
had the same experience with excellent customer service from Jacob George MANY years ago when I purchased a prototype of the 2nd Rethm speaker ... Jacob was as courteous and responsive as a close friend would be. He even offered to stop by my home personally when he was in NYC for a show if I had any further issues (I did not) :)

Great speakers, great company, great owner/designer
Thanks for the review and sharing your experience. It's good to know the problem was corrected and taken care of with support of the manufacturer.
Congratulations on your purchase from another happy rethm owner.