My first impression of the Nordost Valhallas.

I just received the shipment of Valhalla cables (interconnects and speaker cables)from the Cable company to audition these cables.
I am still waiting for a few other cables, which I plan to compare against the Valhallas. I will report these findings next week.
But my first impression of the Valhallas was gigantic. The best of the best!! I cannot believe that people are out there bashing these cables. Please let us not get into an argument about there price here.
Its like saying a Porsche is an inferior car because it is so expensive.
Its another story if this amount of money is justified for any cable, but this cables are just awesome. I am sure you know by now, that Endlish is not my mother tongue, so I am lacking some of the vocabulary to describe these cables. But I tell you that this is a league of cables, where only a few other cables have a chance to follow. I can only advise anybody to try to borrow these cables from the Cable company and hear with his own ears, how magnificient these cables are.
I have nothing else to say, but once I have compared the Valhallas to the rest of the cables I am getting in, I will post another thread here.
I have not heard them yet, but I saw a pair the other day at my local stereo store. They look absolutely awesome. The sales people (whom I trust) said they were unbelievable. As soon as I win the lottery (POWERBALL OF COURSE) I am going to buy them. Good thread Tekunda
I am not sure if people are bashing them. They should give you a glimspe of "heaven" at their price point! I think others have said that you can get as good or better for a lot less money with other brands.
I'm waiting for a pair of Valhalla speaker cables now. I was reluctant to shell out the money, but people whom I trust (who are also musicians as well as high end dealers) have stated the following: there are Valhallas and then there is everything else! They readily admit that these cables are insanely expensive, but (and this seems to be the universal opinion) Valhalla is the current standard of excellence, and everybody else is going to have to play catch up!
I really have a fair chance to compare the Valhalla to different cables, the latest will be the much touted FIM Gold cable.
Again, after I auditioned all the cables, I will post my findings here in about ten days.
Yes, they are stupid expensive. True.

However, they sound unbelieveable. No coloration, no nothing, just music. And so fast!

I hate to think what I've paid (full Vahalla wiring on everything) but my particular system is very sensitive, & revealing (AV Duos w/low wattage SET's) and there is nothing but clear music, or at least clear recording with these cables/interconnects.

I've tried numerous others (Transparent, SPF, etc.) these are the best I've heard, and I hate to admit it because of the cost.

For me - if you can swing 'em - get 'em. Your ears will thank you.
I have a full complement of Valhalla cables and they are indeed superb. However I am in the process of auditioning
NBS Statement 111's and they appear on balance to be better in my system.Just as detailed as the Valhalla's , but with more body in the midrange and upper bass.Vocals sound more convincing than with the Valhallas . The NBS keeps up with the Valhalla's airy and extended treble response.
Both brilliant cables but the NBS gets the nod .
dear tekunda,
i already used valhalla cable,they can be the best cable for your system but it s very difficult to say best of the best for every system.(match problem)
they are of course better than quatrofill and spm but still
i prefer xlo LE,synergistics squared des.ref.,siltech G5,kharma ENİGMA,FİM GOLD than valhalla in my system at my room.
I couldn't have said it much better, . System matching and cables go hand in hand. Hopefully Tekunda finds what works best in his system. My system/my matching/my preference; FIM. (And I've tried the Valhallas)
adsal, i have valhalla interconnects and opus mm speaker cables. as i have ordered Kharma Exquisite 1d speakers and have been considering Kharma cables i would love your opinion of the "Enigma" cables....are they Siltech G5 clones? thanks
If you consider cables to be an Audio Component like a Preamp or CD Player, the cost would not be an issue. Since the Valhallas make such a huge difference in the systems where they are used, then maybe it is the other components that are overpriced and not the cables. If you wanted to upgrade your cables and the amplifier and had $11,000; many would spend $10,500 on the amp and $500 on cables. Maybe the equation has changed?? Just a thought..
Mike, "Mr." Enigma (don't remember his name) used to be a senior engineer @ Siltech. So, Enigmas are manufactured to specs similar, but allegedly not identical, to G5 Siltech.

Does anybody have experience comparing Silversmith cables to Valhalla? (or other, extremely expensive cables)
Can you give some more details especially about Siltech G5 compared to their G3 line of cables, as well as Kharma and Synergistic?
What are squared des.ref. cables? I can only find the designers ref. at their web page. Have you tried the Synergistic with their new active shielding?
As mentioned above, rightly so, system mating is paramount in cable selection. I recently lived with the Valhalla for about 6 weeks (TG, FIM Gold, XLO Lmtd Ed and others before that) and the Valhalla was phenomenal to say the least, the best I'd heard in my system up to that point. But my experience is similar to dpayes, albeit with a different cable: I recently had the oppoutunity to listen to the Pathfinder cables from Jena labs, and I find they do everything I like about the Vahalla's with the addition of having more mid-upper body and even more air. I wouldn't necessarily describe the Valhalla's as thin per se, but that last measure of naturalness and body in the mids and uppers was missing,and they seemed just a tad forward. The Pathfinder is so much more relaxed and palpable in it's presentation, with at least as much detail and clarity. Again, in my particular setup. At this level, I don't know if any given cable is necessarily better, but may mate better in ones particular configuration. The Valhalla are top shelf, but at this price point I think you're going about the right way in demoing other cables to see what sounds best in your given setup. And if you happen on the opportunity to audition the Pathfinder, take it. Wicked expensive, but worth every penny to my ear.
Mes-I own a Blowtorch too! Can you tell me anything about how to audition the Pathfinders? Also, can you tell me if you have any experience with Silversmith? And, if so, how it compares to Valhalla and Jena? Thanks very much.
I have heard 2 comments on these cables, over & over:
1. They sound excellent, great, better than anything else..
2. They are prohibitally expensive for the (average?) audiophile.

I have a simple rule when it comes to cables. It is my "Prime Directive":


I also want to mention I buy almost all my equipment used or demo, from local dealers or friends.

I believe if a larger percentage of audiophiles would just adopt this policy, cable prices would simply drop to what the market would bear.

This is America! If you want to pay $3300.00 for one pair of single ended interconnect, do it! But please take very good care of it, I'll want to buy it for a realistic (10-20% of retail) price in a year or two when the next "Cable of the Year" eclipses it in the High-End press.

Yes, I do own XLO, Ixos, MIT, Nordost Flatline, Monster, Straightwire & Illuminati, all bought used or demo, except my Ixos speaker cable, purchased at retail because it's
reasonable & sounds better than anything at the price point.
It's Miller time..
Do you or anybody else has a link for these Enigma cables please?
adsal and greg, i have been reviewing my correspondence with Kharma and from what Charles van Oosterum wrote the Enigma cable is not yet on the market or even priced. this info is within the last month. i don't pretend to know the facts on this issue but your information is in conflict with what i have heard from the Kharma owner, Mr. van Oosterum. very curious.

the name "Enigma" is used by Kharma ( because in 1992 Mr. van Oosterum built a $1m custom speaker system called the "Grand Enigma". at this time there is no info on the Kharma web site regarding the "Enigma" cable. if you look at the Siltech site and look at the G5 line i assume there will be similarities (but i don't know this for sure).
Tekunda: no, unfortunately! Mike, thanks, I'll check this out with dealers. I heard about the Siltech engineer setting up shop alone (i.e. not w/ Kharma) and purportedly calling his cables "Enigma", a few months ago.

Sorry for the confusion, I should have qualified my info above as a "rumour".

Danielk141, if you buy a $40K joule electra tube amp or similar mated to $40K -$80K of Wilson speakers etc. then the valhallahs are only 20% - 10% of the price of the components. Easily within your rule.

You are right on. It is all relative. My house is worth 150K & for $3300.00 I'd prefer to buy used Aleph 2s or used Maggie 3.6s....
If I hit the lottery, I'll become an "Original Owner". I go over my wish list during the interminably boring meetings at work, or when I'm stuck waiting in line, etc.