Music to soothe the mid-winter soul

Santa has come and gone. Locked in your dedicated listening room with no hope of new gear --not even tweaks-- until fair weather, what (preferably analog) music would soothe your disquieted soul?
Solo piano music by Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Lizst, Prokofiev, Schubert and Schumann, is music that I usually find very soothing, involving, yet relaxing.

Some small Jazz groups involving Charlie Haden, Houston Person, Andre Previn, Ron Carter, Jacques Loussier, and George Shearing, are often relaxing, i.e. good dinner jazz.
Legends by Phil Coulter and James Galway. It's excellent celtic listening. I have it on CD, an excellent recording, and don't know if it's available in an analog media format. You can pick it up fairly inexpensively on Amazon and it'll be worth every penny you pay.

It's actually playing right now.
Any chet atkins living stereo on RCA ..very soothing and relaxing music with excellent sound brought to you by the skills of Bill Porter.
"Telluride Sessions" by Strength in Numbers has superb musicianship throughout. Although all the cuts might not be considered soothing, "One Winter's Night" is exactly the tonic you seek. If it doesn't touch your soul...You haven't got one.
Classical as mentioned, is an antidote for sure. In addition, I've been rediscovering Donovan and finding his music, once again, very thought provoking and uplifting. I've got early vinyl, but Donovan's Greatest Hits on Epic and numerous other CDs are quite good.
Nick Cave and the Bad seeds
Abattoir blues / The lyre of Orpheus
The boatman's call
Simon and Garfunkel
Sounds of silence
Sunn O)))
White 1
White 2
How about some Blackmore's Night?

If not the musical act then perhaps Blackmore's Night (Candice) herself?
Newbee, I love ya, but I say....c'mon man! Only if your getting a massage.
Pops, LOL. Takes a lot to get it up anymore, at least music wise. :-)
Yes, Sibelius, especially various tone poems fit the bill!

Also Grieg Peer Gynt Suite.
"Cantus borealis - Wind music from the Faroe Islands" by the Reykjavik Wind Quintet (BIS). A great winter recommendation!
Ah, the listening season - chestnuts roasting by the Atma-Spheres, Ken-Rads nipping at your nose. I love it.

Also love the Sibelius suggestion - a little Swan, or dare you bear yourself away on Symp 4 - i'd say go 'under the ice' but I hear JS glaring at me 'aye aye there is *no* program'. (Makes you think of nazz nazz, eh?)

For something different, how 'bout holing up with some smaller group lighter stuff, Hobbit music from Holst ('Fugal Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Strings' or the delightful 'St.Paul's Suite') EJ Moeran ('Music for Cello & Piano'), John Ireland ('The Holy Boy', 'Mai Dun'), topped up with a big one, say Finzi's sumptuous 'Intimations'. Dig through those Lyritas you haven't played in a while - lottsa tiny gems in that catalog.  
WOW! Reading through these selection it is no wonder you guys get depressed during winter. :-) Like Pops said, C'mon on man!

Just take those old records off the shelf
I'll sit and listen to them by myself

you can fill in the rest. :-)
Nice Dan! That brought a little sunshine to the East Coast!
Hey, I'm just trying to pep all us old guys up. :-)

Hey, Dan_ed

Agreed: Now you can see why I asked the question!

Geez, folks, hibernation is one thing, but let's get our brains out of the deep freeze and share some music to warm the soul.

Spin some tunes! let us know what gets you moving --or moves you--during the dark months. It should be easier to share now: the days are getting longer!

"Aerial" by Kate Bush. (Helpfully available on both vinyl & CD). It's one of the few CDs I have time for because it's so well mastered.
Pure unmitigated genius but I warn you it's a grower.... :o)

Also try, "Somewhere Deep in the Night" by Swing Out Sister, and "A Nod & a Wink" by Camel. Sumptuous :o)