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Looking for low-watt tube amp suggestions.
The Jolida 102B is far better than the Jolida FX10. It may never be replaced in my 2nd system. It has responded very well to upgraded tubes and cables. 
jolida fx10
You'd get more power and better sound for not so much more with the Jolida 102B. 
How many albums do you need ?
Sounds like you need a few hundred LPs. 
looking for advice on bookshelf speakers
So...Maplegrovemusic, what did you finally do? 
Short runs of flexible power cord?
I bought two 3' Audience PowerChords on Audiogon during the past year. 
Power Cord brands mixing. "Your Opinions"
I hope you all are enjoying the music. 
How to pick a tubed integrated without hearing one
Try a late model Jolida 102B. You'll be amazed by what 20 EL84 tube watts can do. Then you have the fun of tube and cable rolling on the cheap. Your room seems small and asymmetrical: it should work well. 
Best audio purchase of 2011
Upgrades to my Cary SLP98: Hexfred diodes and NOS Sylvania 6SN7 GTA tubes. Quieter, faster, more dynamic, more spacious, and oh yeh, more musical. 
looking for advice on bookshelf speakers
At low to medium volume levels, I find the sound of my Jolida 102B driving Totem Model One Signatures to be very musical, dynamic, and nonfatiguing. In fact, one of the few criticisms of the Model Ones in numerous reviews was a little reticence in... 
Power Cord brands mixing. "Your Opinions"
Now that my systems are wired totally with Audience AU24e (primary) and Au24 (bedroom), I don't envision changing anything, and it's been nearly a year now. The musical involvement continues to amaze me. 
Do You Love Music or Do You Love Hi-Fi?
I don't know about love, but I sure enjoy both music and hi-fi! 
Record Clamp for Rega TT
I've used a Souther Clever Clamp on my P9 for years. 
Budget Speakers for a small living room
Check out Epos, new or used; especially the ELS 303. 
Anyone know what amp this is?
If you buy a Jolida 102B, get the latest model, no more than 2 years old. Current models have upgraded capacitors, wiring, and hexfred diodes. Also, make sure you're not buying from By the way, I'm driving relatively inefficient Totem ... 
Anyone know what amp this is?
It is a Jolida 102B. I have one in my bedroom system and it's very good, especially with upgraded tubes. However, it's an integrated amp without a phono stage. So, if you want to spin LPs, you'll need a phono stage.