Music Server VS Laptop

I'm asking this question because I have no idea. Is there a benefit to buying a music server over just using a laptop? Today is my second day of streaming from a Western Digital 2 TB network drive with my laptop using Foobar 2000. Laptop is connected to my Audiolab 8200CDQ with a USB type A - type B cable. I'm able to play 24bit/96khz and I think it sounds great, but I have no idea if I'm somehow comprimising my listening experience with this set up. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
There are dedicated music servers that are better than off the shelf computers for audio. One would need to have a pretty hot DAC and a well tuned system to hear it. I'd stay put unless you've got money burning a hole in your pocket.
When I didn't have a preamp in my system, I went and use my laptop with Lexicon Omega interface as a pre with great results. I use wav format for my music. What format are you running?
Laptop is perfectly fine as a music server. The connection to the DAC is what matters in terms of sound. I like to use a wireless connection to a network player like Squeezebox and then run to DAC from there if desired. This helps isolate the devices making the music from the computer which is a good insurance policy.

Thanks for the great answers. I've been using flac format. Not sure if that's what I should be using but it seems to be working fine.
FLAC is a good choice.
Thanks Mapman. That's good news. I'm using Exact Audio Copy to rip CD's to my network drive. It seems to work very well.
Donjr, where can I download Exact Audio Copy?
You may want to check out DBPoweramp for ripping. Accomplishes the same thing as EAC, much more user friendly and better tagging system. I find it to me amazingly simple to use.
Can anyone advise on Backup. For me, the main consideration is not to lose my treasured music on CD. If I do go the Music server PC route, I will get rid of my CDs.

Is it possible to say there are differences in making Bit perfect backups with the server or PC/Mac
Check out the ripping guide over at They ahve put together this guide which allows you to just doing it right instead of doing a bunch of research to figure out the best way. I follow it to the t and works great.