Mac Mini as a music server

I would love to hear your thoughts, experiences [positive and negative] as well as words of caution for using a Mac Mini as a music server.  It seem that most all of the audio-magazine reviewers that use a computer for a music server use a Mac Mini.  A few the economically elite swing for dedicated, purpose-specific computers that are optimized for music, but I <unfortunately> do not fall into that privileged company.

Topics of interest: 
> Which music sever app do you use?  I have read & received recommendation for JWRivers, Channel D, Roon & others.  What has been your experiences?
> Any particular shortcomings of the Mac Mini vs other platforms?
> Words of wisdom in making this work?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide your insight.
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I love my Mac Mini as a server. . . I use JRiver as my backbone and take advantage of the optical out of the headphone jack directly into my Mini DSP. I opted for an older model 2.6GHz i7 Quad Core 16GB RAM and upgraded the drives to super quiet and fast dual 500GB SSD. Mac operating system on one and Windows on the other. All my audio applications run on Windows so that’s what I use almost 100% of the time. My albums are loaded in FLAC format. It’s dead quiet and sounds amazing. There are no downsides in my opinion.
No experience with the Mac Mini but I recently put together a low budget system with a 10+ year old iMac. I'm currently using just iTunes because I could not hear a significant difference between that and iTunes with BitPerfect or Audirvana. This is through a low end Schiit Modi 2 Uber.

The advantages? Cheap. Simple. Apple Remote works great. 

A/B testing vs straight CD reveals clear differences. CD is brighter but sometimes too bright compared to iTunes/Schiit. In blind A/B testing my wife preferred the iTunes/Schiit to CD.

One advantage of the Mac Mini is its size and this article explains how to set one up and even ditch the monitor once it is done.
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I'm using a Mac Mini as a cheap point of entry to computer audio. Didn't buy one with a flash drive, and am not sure you even need to spend the money for more processing power. I use Audirvana, which sounds good (i haven't compared to others) and allows me to use an iPad to control it. I run it headless so once set up, no clutter. I didn't modify the PS to a linear type, b/c I didn't plan on investing a lot of money in this- if and when I upgrade (I'm new to digital on my main system, though have been around the bend a few times in hi-fi), I don't think I'd want to hack into it but invest instead in a better overall server set up.
 I do plug it into a separate set of outlets that are isolated from the system power. I went through several different websites that had suggested settings to reduce clutter and interfere (and potentially taxing the processor); the Audirvana software has a setting for extreme priority as well. What else? The Schitt Eitr converts the usb to coax for my NOS DAC. Cheaply and effectively. I use a modest USB from Analysis Plus. It sounds surprisingly good. The rest of my system is pretty way beyond this, budget wise, and I've been vinyl forever, but I've been very pleased with the sonics using the Border Patrol DAC and a CEC transport as well.
I think those who have ventured into deeper digital waters will tell you there are profound improvements to be had, and I don't doubt it based on my analog life, but I'm mainly using this for access to music I otherwise wouldn't have on vinyl and it's great! 
The deeper digital part where it will manage the particular aspects which are going to get it around the process for such way you need to get it and this will be going to provide the valuable way for the user because it is necessary for them as music server not able to work properly so need to contact Microsft for the issue .