Mundorf Silver Gold Hook up wire

Looking to replace the internal speaker wire from Xover to drivers ( Tweeter / Midrange ) with Mundorf Silver Gold and looking for feedback from anyone who has used this hook up wire or comparisons between the Mundorf and UP OCC Silver Gold and the differences not just one is better then the other but specifics on why.

Please keep this on topic and I don't need to hear from the camp that wire doesn't make a difference or Im wasting my time.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
I've never had good luck with plated wires for speakers. They take a long time to break in, and finally settle down to sounding just as good as copper.

Solid silver in interconnects is wonderful, and affordable in DIY cables.


I believe the Mundorf silver gold is NOT a plated wire, were did you read that, I have read just the opposite.
My bad, @tecknik !

It is clear I was confused, since almost all "silver" speaker cables are actually silver-plated copper. I have not heard these.


I tried Mundorf Silver/Gold hookup wire in a preamp and found it to be too lean in the bass; however, this was the 24g version and you would probably be using 18g or 15.5g for the internal speaker wiring.  The thicker wire might very well sound better balanced.  At the price of these thicker Mundorfs ($15.75 and 27.00 per foot respectively according to PCX), I would recommend trying Audio Note Lexus instead.  This is a copper Litz cable that I have found to work exceedingly well as internal speaker wiring.  It's available from Hifi Collective in the UK which has a good website for placing orders and fast shipping.  You do need to use a solder pot for the proper tinning of the ends of the enameled wires.  
I used a double run of the 18 gauge in my amp and really loved the sound. Nice warmth and richness along with the details. 

I used the 24g to make a usb cable that also turned out fantastic. Sounded better than my favorite Curious usb cable. Wonderful rich tone.  

It will get costly to use the 18 gauge, but I think salectric is correct and the heavier gauge will give improved tone and weight. 

I have not tried the Audio Note Lexus, but am now looking at it. 
I appreciate the feedback gentleman.