Most Musical 6NS7 tube for a Preamp?

A request for recommendations by those with experience with different 6SN7 tubes.

My system so far is a Pass Labs XA25 SS Amp, and a circa 1988 Tannoy FSMs.
The speakers operate at 4 ohms with a 94 sensitivity.

The room size is medium. Acoustically well treated.

I listen at lower volumes 60-75db. Vocals mostly.

I am looking for the most musical preamp, with a remote.

Budget is $3k. Used preferred. Better value.

Not considering anything from Schiit Audio.

Considering- Supratek Chardonnay.

Any other suggestions?

Tube Ideas?

Thank you!
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Wow you guys are a true fountain of knowledge!! Thank you!!

-Kara Chaffee of deHavilland is taking a sabatical
currently with no know date of return.

-The newer LTA that was available on USAudio sold today. Coach?

-Auric is a dedicated purist who does not seem to do remotes.

Coach-I will be waiting anxiously to hear your thoughts on the
new LTA coming your way!! Meantime I will read up on the battery

What about a Schiit headphone amp?
Aric audio makes a 6sn7 preamp called the Special which can be ordered with or without a remote. The remote version is $3250 I believe. I own the Special and love it. Should i need to replace my BEL 1001 MK5 I am also considering the Pass XA25. 
Agree with Peter's recommendation of Red Base RCA 5692.
I have tried other NOS RCA's, Sylvanias and Raytheons as well as new production Chinese tubes and the Red Base 5692 were the best for my Cary SLP-88 preamp.
Buy a used with remote deHavilland Ultraverve. I got a used one without the remote and immediately sold my 12Au7 based pre amp. The mods bigkidz mentioned sound nice and you may can have them done within your budget if you buy used. And thanks for the update on Kara. Hope she is ok. Great to deal with. I liked my Ultraverve so much I had her build me a modded Mercury III. I am keeping both preamps. Have fun! Oh, I have used several tubes in the Ultraverve but the Ken Rad is my favorite. Fun to try different ones since there is only one.