Moscode 600 Vs McCormack dna 125/ 225

I'm grappling with the idea of putting another upgrade investment into my 1987 Moscode 600. It was last updated by George Kaye (the original designer) in 1993. However
I have read much high praise in these pages for McCormack's Amps...I have seen a number of dna 125's and 225's come up for sale I believe they where built in 2000/2001, and I'm thinking about aquiring one rather than putting more money into the Moscode.
Would any audigon members be able to call upon and share their experiences or feelings about these two amps.I am looking for improvement in detail, clarity in bass, soundstage specificity and depth...
Do you think a (stock) McCormack would offer improvement in these areas. Your input will help me with my decision and I would be most gratefull for any suggestions.