Does Audible Illusions pair well with Moscode amp?


I have recently entered the realm of audiophile equipment (though more towards the bottom end of it i guess) and would dearly like some help in choosing a preamp in the hopes of achieving a more fluid sound from my CD's.

Right now i have a Rega Planet 2000, Modified Moscode 600, all cardas cross cable, and some obscure bi-polar speakers from the BIC america company (Venturi 601) and an adcom passive line controller/preamp. The sound is good, but not quite what i would like, especially at lower volumes and older CDs.

I have been looking at the Audible Illusions 3/3a and have also been avised to check out the Rogue 99. I am only looking to spend about $1000 on the used market - can anyone offer thier advice/opinion?

My Thanks in Advance
The AI Modulus 3A is a fine choice . Try to get one with the stepped attenuators. It will be a little stretch for your budget......but in my opinion is a superior unit.
Evelyn- can't comment on the M3A, but unless you really go for the lush, romantic sound, you might want to go with a ss pre for that amp. Also, you can do WAY better on speakers for the $ you are talking about