Moscode 600 amp

Does anyone know if the Moscode 600 inverts polarity? The reason I ask is that I have a Rogue 66 pre amp that does invert polarity. So, how should I hook up the speakers?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Haven't run accross an amp which inverts polarity - don't think any do - think about it, if they did all the manufacturer would have to do is relabel the + and - posts and you'd have correct polarity. And, thats how to cure your problem, simply hook up the positive side of each cable to the negative posts on the amp and the negative side of the cable to the positive posts on the amp. Thats it.
Please run a search on absolute phase, which is what you are talking about, I assume. Polarity is relative, as long as you've got the speakers connected identically, it doesn't matter how they are hooked up (you can connect + to -, as long as you do it on both channels) unless, of course, they are active (powered) speakers.
Thanks for the advice. The switching of the speaker cables at the speakers to compensate for the pre-amp inversion worked wonderfully. All of a sudden I have a bunch of sound in between the speakers.